1 December 2014


Right, okay so now I've put it out there I'm going to have to actually do this. Admittedly, December was probably the worst month to do this in what with Christmas and presumably people not actually being online on festive related days but I got the idea in my head so here we are.
Having said that, I think I have already cheated by using Day 1 as the introduction post...

So why am I doing this?

At the start of the year I said I wanted to try and get more into blogging because when I do it, I really enjoy it. BUT I can never get myself into a schedule and so it's all very random when I do post. I try to do Sunday's but sometimes Sunday comes round and I'm just not feeling it so I lie in bed and think "I'm not moving today. I'll blog in the week instead." And then mid week rolls around and I'm too tired from work and think I'll do it Sunday and then the vicious cycle starts and I get bloggers block. I thought if I could challenge myself to post something everyday and see how that goes down, then I may be able to establish some form of schedule going forward.

I have drawn up a little calendar and planned what will be going live on what day. There is obviously a very healthy mix of beauty posts, sprinkled with some lifestyle and perhaps the odd dash of personal posts. On writing this introduction I still have four days blank so I'll have to see/hope I get some inspiration those days.

I'm determined to do this so hopefully you will come back each day to have a read. Please do leave comments letting me know how you feel about blog schedules - what do you prefer/how many times a week do you think is a reasonable amount of posts? Bearing in mind, I do have a full time job also.

With all that being said, I'll see you all back here tomorrow for Day 2 (and the first REAL post). Want a little spoiler? It's foundation related and the next of my Unsung Hero products...

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