11 December 2014


Can you imagine if 15 years ago somebody said, "One day you will be able to store all the music in the world, the details of everyone you know and be able to find out literally anything at the click of a button and all that would be stored on one single handheld device" you'd think they were bat-poop crazy!
But as it goes, that crazy person was right. The smart phone dominates and almost everyone has one of some kind of tablet/internet device.

I'm very nosey and like those "what's on my iPhone!" videos/blog posts so I thought I'd throw in my two cents and show you my favourite iPhone/iPad apps. (I'm not sure if all of these are available on Android too, sorry!)

I like organisation and using emojis as captions. Go ahead and judge me...

Social Media

Twitter. I can't help it. I'm a bit addicted. Admittedly I don't actually tweet as much as I used to but I just like scrolling through. FYI, favourite tweeters: @cluedont and @adamhess1
Pinterest - is this social media? This is where I have put it. I posted last week about my Pinterest love so I'll save the review and redirect you there.
Hootsuite is the app I use to schedule tweets. This is really useful for getting my blog out there a couple times a day. Makes life so much easier when I'm working full time.
And obviously, Instagram. Same reasons as Pinterest really. It's just really very addictive. And I often find myself just scrolling someone's entire feed like a crazy stalker... ahem.


Just a couple in this one. First up, Afterlight which is a photo editing app that has better filters than Instagram and you can add all kinds of light effects and frames. This one is a paid app but I think it's only 69p and definitely worth it if you're an Instagram/photography nut.
Free Prints is an app that gives you just that... free prints. You can choose about 40 photos a month from you phone and social media sites and have them printed and posted to you and you just pay delivery and that is never more than about £3!


I get more addicted that I wish I did to silly game apps. I have been playing The Simpsons Tapped Out for about 3 and a half years... I wish I was joking. If you don't know what it is then it's basically Farmville but The Simpsons. The story is that Homer blows up Springfield and you have to rebuild it. Each level gives you new buildings and characters and they do special updates at Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc. I can't explain how it takes over your life but it does.
Crossy Road is an app that I downloaded less that a week ago and it's already ruined my life. It is a cross between Flappy Bird and Frogger. Obsessed. You have to get an animal to cross the road without dying... Sold it to you there, right!?


The ASOS app is probably my favourite of store apps. I find a lot of the others can't handle the searches and the amount of items on them. The ASOS one is great, easy to navigate and search refine. And also very dangerous to my bank account...
Happy Goals is an app that you can set goals for yourself and the quantity you want to achieve and then you just swipe to increase the percentage as you complete. I posted a photo of the app in this post.
And how have I got this far without talking about Netflix?! Without being dramatic... what did we do before Netflix? Sunday's are literally made for Netflix. I prop up my iPad, stay under the duvet and binge watch a tv show all day.

What are your favourite apps that I should be downloading?

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