31 August 2014


I short while ago I did a post called "Let's Talk Cleansers" and last year I did a similar post on eyeliner so today it's the turn of the concealers...

22 August 2014


I love beauty bloggers. I love reading their opinions, seeing new launches and swatches and how they look after their skin and apply makeup. I'm in nowhere near the standard of some of those guys, this is just a bit of fun for me. But those beauty bloggers are the biggest enablers around - so I guess, blogging is essentially doing it's job!

My Bloglovin and YouTube subscription list is full of the people who only have to say one good thing in a very short amount of time and I'm straight down the shops. So here's my pick of  Beauty Blogger Enabled Purchases...

20 August 2014


I typed that title and then got Mrs Weasley in my head from Chamber of Secrets when the Weasley boys bring Harry back to the Burrow...

So... hello.

Ended up on an accidental blog break, didn't I?