20 July 2013


If there's one thing us British folk love to talk about, it's the weather. I say "talk"... I mean complain. It's what we do best! If you're not from the UK, we've had the hottest weather ever the last couple of weeks and it's actually getting unbearable. We've even had a level 3 heatwave warning which is pretty insane!
This week has been so hot and sticky and being in an office all week with no air conditioning just getting more and more sweaty (attractive...) hasn't been ideal.
I planned out this post yesterday when I was trying to make a heat related headache disappear and today is actually not all that sunny. It's still really hot and humid but if it is still glorious where you are then slap on the SPF, drink a lot of water and here are a few essential bits to pop in your handbag for when you're out and about.

First an obvious choice but make sure you have your sunglasses. I hate having the sun in my eyes and having to squint. Also, I have a lot of weird fears and getting wrinkles is one of them. So I'm scared that if I spend too much time sun squinting, I'll get awful eye wrinkles! I should probably invest in some decent sunglasses but these are quite nice. They're from Dorothy Perkins for about £6 and the case was free with them. I have about 3 pairs of similar Primark ones scattered around my car just in case...
I get really bad headaches a lot and the sun really does me no favours so I always have some paracetamol in my bag anyway but definitely make sure you have some on hand.
With it being so hot and sticky, you just want you hair off your face. I'm finding my fringe to be getting slightly annoying now with the heat so my bag is now full of bobbles and bobby pins. It'll be pretty handy to have some kind of comb or brush. I got this comb from Primark in a pack of two for £1.
I'm hugely paranoid of being smelly at the best of times (painting a great picture of myself in this post) so I like to carry around a little perfume or body spray one. I got this House of Holland body spritz in a gift set and it's just a nice little refresher with a subtle fruity smell. I really like it.
I also have had the facial spritz in my bag since getting it in the July Glossybox and it's been a lifesaver. It is such a nice little refresher and it dries almost instantly and without ruining make up. MUA do a makeup fixing spray which is essentially the same thing, if that's easier to get your hands on.
There's nothing worse than dry lips so lip balms need to be your best friend. The ever faithful Vaseline is always going to be a great choice but I also really love the Figs & Rouge Multi-Tasking lip balm which also has a slight hint of colour to it, if you can't be bothered with lipstick.
Finally, make sure you have a great summer songs playlist loaded on your iPod for when you're walking or driving around. Summertime music is always going to lift your mood. My playlist this year contains the songs of Jake Bugg, Mumford & Sons and Bastille. I also love Skies Don't Lie by Example, a new song called Rivers by Bipolar Sunshine, I Don't Care by Icona Pop and for my massive guilty pleasures, anything by Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Make sure you keep hydrated and please wear lots of suncream. No, SPF 2 does not count. It will not protect you. Wear at least SPF 30, please!
I'm not trying to be a fun sponge. Have lots of fun and enjoy the weather but remember our British bodies are not used to this, aha!


  1. I agree, it's getting insane now - I'm so glad it was a little cooler today. I've made sure to stock up on SPF30 too, so no sunburn for me! xxx

  2. SPF 15 is plenty, and if I hear anyone complain about the nice weather I will chase them with a rusty fork. FACT.


    1. I'll let you off with 15 then ;) my skin is like tracing paper and that is deffo not enough :')
      My sister wears SPF2..........

  3. Also I need to get me some face spritz stuff. Not a fan of hot sweaty melted make-up face!

  4. hasn't the heatwave been lovely? anything for a bit of sunshine! not so much loving the thunder now though! definitely agree with the ibuprofen, i've had so many headaches recently with the weather!

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