13 July 2013


This morning I received my Glossybox for this month and I am absolutely loving it! This is the last of my 3 month subscription and this box alone is making me renew.
The theme this month is "Seaside Splash" and with this insanely nice weather, it has come at a perfect time.

First impressions... the actual box itself is beautiful. I will definitely be finding something to store in this, maybe nail varnish or something. The tissue paper is lovely too. I am a sucker for pretty packaging!
On to the contents..!

First is a Facial Spritz by Anatomicals and is a full sized product. It's going to be going in my handbag for the entire time the weather is as hot and sticky as it currently is. These facial spritz are great for just giving your skin a bit of rehydration during the day and this also says it can be used over make up to set it, like the MUA setting spray I have. I sprayed it earlier and it has a really lovely but subtle fragrance to it. It says it contains lavender and peppermint.

Next up is a texture Mist by Alterna Haircare which, is a brand I haven't actually heard of. I recently was given a L'Oreal salt spray that I have been really enjoying using so I'm excited to try this. I don't dry my hair, I just leave it to naturally dry and the salt spray I'm using every few washes has been giving me a nice wavy look so we shall see how this compares. Maybe I can do a comparison post for you!

The product I am definitely most excited by is the Ciaté paint pot. Again this is a full sized product and retails at £9 and I have wanted to try one of these for so long after seeing everyone rave about them but the price tag is crazy for a nail varnish and they aren't so readily available where I live either. I got the shade "Pocket Money" which is a kind of peachy, dark nude (because I really needed more nude nail polish...) but lets see if they live up to the hype.

The final two items are both little sample sizes and the first is a Pukka Ayurveda Radiance Serum. I don't have any serums in my skin care routine at the moment so it will be interesting to see if this makes any positive difference. The directions say to apply a thin layer before moisturising to brighten the complexion.
And lastly is a Coola Mineral Sunscreen. It says it's a tinted moisturiser but it also contains SPF 20, which is wonderful! The colour seems a bit darker than my skin tone but it also seems like it's quite easily blended down so this may come in quite useful when I just cannot be bothered with foundation in this heat.

I am now off to renew my Glossybox subscription! Very happy with this box.

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  1. Have you tried your Facial Spritz over makeup? I got one in my glossybox too and i'm too scared to try it just in case it ruins my makeup! Chloe x



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