13 January 2013


Haven't done a wishlist post in a while and it seems like a lifetime since I was last paid and another one until I next get money and I miss shopping!

Jersey dress; Topshop
Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'
Crop top; Topshop
Cross belt; ASOS
Pack of rings; ASOS
Sleek 'Au Naturel' Pallete
Acrylic Makeup Storage; eBay

I LOVE jersey dresses and Topshop's always fit just how I like. They're the most versatile clothing and can be quite easily dressed up or down. They're perfect for me to wear to work too and the colour of this one is beautiful. It comes in a few other colours and knowing Topshop, there's bound to be more released in the next few weeks. The crop top is a brave move for me. I'm really self conscious about myself but I bought a leather-look skater skirt and I think this will look lovely with it. I've got a friend's birthday soon which I'd like it for but it seems to be sold out online and in store so hopefully it gets restocked so I can try it.
The belt from ASOS is something I know I'd get and where with everything! So I'm going to have to hope I get a decent pay slip at the end of the month. Same for the rings. They'd look good on their own are all stacked across all fingers.
I've been wanting Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance for so long and people I know keep getting it and I want it! I'm going to try and hold off til my birthday in a couple of months and maybe ask for some then.
On to makeup..! I've had such a horrible war with foundation trying to find suitable shades and finishes for my skin. I love No.7 now that I know what shade I need but after watching YouTube videos and seeing so many people rave Estée Lauder's Double Wear, I am so very intrigued and there's so many shades that one of them must be a perfect match for me. It just looks like it gives the best coverage. It's around £27 which is more or less twice No.7 but for foundation you do pay for what you get and if that's rubbish, the rest of the makeup looks rubbish.
I raved Sleek makeup here and I love my Storm palette but I really want the Au Naturel one. The colours will be so much more useful for day to day looks.
The last thing is a bit random but over the last year I've amassed more makeup than I've ever had before and the way I currently store it is not suitable for the amount I have! I've seen so many YouTubers with these acrylic storage units and they look sleek and tidy and I may have to just treat myself.

Are you lusting after anything at the moment?


  1. So weird, i just did a wish list and mentioned two of the same products as you! I got double wear for christmas and I have to say it's worth it. It's just as lovely to use if you mix it with another foundation too, so it would be worth your money!

  2. that topshop crop top is lovely! x

  3. I have that speckled tee dress in 2 colours and love it. You need to have one in your life! xx


  4. I've got my eyes on that Topshop crop top too!I feel the exact same way about all the Topshop jersey dresses, so comfortable & they just seem to fit like now other! I love my Doublewear foundation, I actually just done a wee review of it on my blog if you're wondering whether to try it out or not!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

    1. I think I will have to treat myself! x


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