25 May 2014


So far so good. Two weeks and I've managed to keep on top of this. Let's see what this weeks Tunes, Films and something extra picks are... (ooh the suspense..!)


22 May 2014



Thought I'd show a quick outfit post today of something I wore this week featuring two new pieces that I'm totally in love with.
I mentioned about buying this top on this post. Very bright and very far away from my usual palette of black and dark colours.

Top; F&F @ Tesco | Skort; ASOS | Necklace; Dorothy Perkins (old)

21 May 2014


On Sunday I headed to my local The Body Shop were my friend Rachelle put on another lovely event for us with snacks, drinks (her homemade smoothie was tip top!), lots of sampling and a cheeky little discount too. We had a slight nightmare just before the event was due to start with half of the city having a powercut but an hour and a lot of stressing later, it was back up and running and we were good to shop!

Round of applause for me actually remembering my camera 

18 May 2014


Happy Sunday! And welcome to a new series here on Laddered Tights. I'm going to do my utmost best to make sure I post this every Sunday going forward. I thought it'd be nice to give a little insight into those things I've been loving each week besides makeup. And whatever we can do to perk Sunday's up is a winner, right? I was hoping to post a little earlier today but I've been at a blogger event at The Body Shop (more to come in this week..!)
The idea just came to me in the week whilst walking to work and I got a bit excited about it. Hopefully be a breath of fresh air for the blog, give it a bit more personality and give me a reason to do different things.

The focus is going to be TUNES, FILMS & EXTRAS. Tunes and films are probably straight forward... For tunes, it will either be a song or a whole album I've been enjoying in the week. Films... I go to the cinema most weeks so it will most likely be about that unless I see something else worthy of a mention. As for extras, this will either be something like a book, game, app, fashion/beauty item, or about an outing/event that has happened that week.

I do hope you like it! Feel free to share your favourites for each section. And now we've got all that admin out of the way, let's get on with the actual post...


16 May 2014


Fashion posts on the blog have got very few and far between over the last year and Laddered Tights seems to be transitioning into more of a beauty blog despite starting as purely fashion.
I think one reason for this is that I've just not found any clothes I actually love in so so so so long. I keep looking in my wardrobe and not liking anything so I'm going shopping and coming away empty handed. Which is never the result you want from a shopping trip. I even went to the Traffod Centre last week and all I got was The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD (which is a good thing but still no clothes).

As I pass Tesco on my way home, I often just pop in for a browse of the makeup aisle and around the clothes. I spotted a top a few weeks back and kept telling myself I don't need it and I wouldn't even wear it as it's so bright. But then I caved and decided I needed it. But then of course my size was sold out. Obviously. So I drove to the next nearest Tesco which is bigger and has more selection and oh boy... so many pretty clothes. So many colours and print. I had my heart eyes on!

Incidentally, they didn't have the top in my size there either so I ended up buying it online. I did by a playsuit in store and I'll hopefully get round to trying to do outfit posts again at some point now my room has a little more space. I think I did very well only choosing two things to buy but here are my top picks from the current stock...

13 May 2014


I think this month is the 4th Birchbox I've received. I was getting a bit bored of Glossybox so went for a change and to be honest I haven't been overly thrilled by Birchbox so far but this month's is looking great on a first impression so going to hold off on unsubscribing for the time being.

11 May 2014


I usually do reviews on the blog as mini reviews of new products I've bought and putting them all together rather than individual reviews. However, this product has blown me away and I feel it deserves a post on it's own. (If you'd like to read any of the mini review posts, click here.)

9 May 2014


Red lipstick is the best, right? I think we can all agree on that. Wearing a red lip instantly boosts your mood and makes you powerful and indestructible. But getting it to look just right can be a little bit tricky. I think I may have cracked it though...

What do we want from a red lip look? It needs to look smooth, not patchy or flaky, perfectly on the lip line and not smeared all over your face (and teeth).
Enter this little duo...

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner '024 Red Diva' | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Hot Pepper'

6 May 2014


The MET Ball is an annual event in New York where everyone who is everyone attends and the fashion stakes are high. This years theme was centred around Charles James, known as America's "best known couturier", so the expectations for class and extravagance where pretty high. The men were also given a strict white tie dress code this year.

I loved so many dresses this year so here they all are...

4 May 2014


Last week I took the plunge and got a lot of my hair cut off. I spent so long trying to get it long but I have been getting bored and even after 2 and a half years of not dying my hair, it was still growing out and I've always hated that it looked like I'd dip dyed it.

I'm a huge Alexa Chung fan. I love her style and her book is great. So after a lot of Pinterest searching of her I decided to just go and get my hair cut to that length too. And I love it! My hair is naturally wavy and I thought going short would make it bounce up too much but it's just how I wanted it to be.