16 May 2014


Fashion posts on the blog have got very few and far between over the last year and Laddered Tights seems to be transitioning into more of a beauty blog despite starting as purely fashion.
I think one reason for this is that I've just not found any clothes I actually love in so so so so long. I keep looking in my wardrobe and not liking anything so I'm going shopping and coming away empty handed. Which is never the result you want from a shopping trip. I even went to the Traffod Centre last week and all I got was The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD (which is a good thing but still no clothes).

As I pass Tesco on my way home, I often just pop in for a browse of the makeup aisle and around the clothes. I spotted a top a few weeks back and kept telling myself I don't need it and I wouldn't even wear it as it's so bright. But then I caved and decided I needed it. But then of course my size was sold out. Obviously. So I drove to the next nearest Tesco which is bigger and has more selection and oh boy... so many pretty clothes. So many colours and print. I had my heart eyes on!

Incidentally, they didn't have the top in my size there either so I ended up buying it online. I did by a playsuit in store and I'll hopefully get round to trying to do outfit posts again at some point now my room has a little more space. I think I did very well only choosing two things to buy but here are my top picks from the current stock...

My comfort zone is definitely plain, dark colours and something I can wear with tights. So when I was in Tesco this week and was loving the colour, I was a little surprised. 
I'll just get the above anomalies out of the way... it's been so hot today and I'm look at a coat. But I love this! So different to any others I've seen and an absolute bargain!
And then the black and white smock dress. That is just me. I love smock dresses. I have one from Boohoo that I basically live in. They're just so comfortable.

On to the colour..!

Look how beautiful that lilac is! This is actually the same top I got in the bright coral and my store didn't have lilac. (It also appears to be about 4 other colours too.) It's pretty lightweight and so easier to dress up or down.
The shorts are something that couldn't be further away from me. These would definitely have to be bare leg shots and I'm not sure how I feel about that but these are just so pretty. I couldn't see a matching jacket but it would look so cute as a matching co-ord set.
Finally, another smock dress (told you I like them) and this one also comes in the lilac too. It's floaty and girly and worn with a white blazer, it'll be great for work.

Have you checked out Tesco's clothing recently? What do you think?

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