18 May 2014


Happy Sunday! And welcome to a new series here on Laddered Tights. I'm going to do my utmost best to make sure I post this every Sunday going forward. I thought it'd be nice to give a little insight into those things I've been loving each week besides makeup. And whatever we can do to perk Sunday's up is a winner, right? I was hoping to post a little earlier today but I've been at a blogger event at The Body Shop (more to come in this week..!)
The idea just came to me in the week whilst walking to work and I got a bit excited about it. Hopefully be a breath of fresh air for the blog, give it a bit more personality and give me a reason to do different things.

The focus is going to be TUNES, FILMS & EXTRAS. Tunes and films are probably straight forward... For tunes, it will either be a song or a whole album I've been enjoying in the week. Films... I go to the cinema most weeks so it will most likely be about that unless I see something else worthy of a mention. As for extras, this will either be something like a book, game, app, fashion/beauty item, or about an outing/event that has happened that week.

I do hope you like it! Feel free to share your favourites for each section. And now we've got all that admin out of the way, let's get on with the actual post...


The debut album from Foxes, Glorious, has been on repeat all week. With music, I don't find myself really enjoying most things I listen to on the radio. I usually end up seeing an advert before a YouTube video or see someone who looks cool on a panel show and go on the hunt for their album. I saw Foxes on TV last year and I noticed her album be added to Spotify so I just hit play and then I fell in love and instantly bought it. I just really love when a female singer just KILLS it. She sounds amazing, she looks freakin' cool and I pretty much just want to be her now. Her voice reminds me a little of Marina and the Diamonds. My favourite songs are probably Youth, Beauty Queen and Let Go For Tonight. Big shout out to the live version of Clarity that's on there too.


This week we went to see Pompeii. Now, being honest, the main reason we went was for that man on the poster. Kit Harrington aka Game of Throne's Jon Snow. He is just beautiful. The film itself was a bit Game of Thrones too... just the Ancient Rome edition. I'm sure you can imagine what will happen in the film (presuming everyone knows about Pompeii?) so nothing was a surprise but it was really good. We ended up seeing it in 3D as the 2D showing wasn't a suitable time. Nothing benefited from being in 3D so don't bother with that gimmick but definitely go see the film. The last 30 minutes is a pretty intense. And as expected, Kit is beautifuuuuuul.


This is a teeny cheat as it's a little over a week ago but last Saturday I saw McBusted in Manchester. I've always loved both bands but I've never been one that's ever wanted a Busted reunion so when I heard this collab was going to happen I was a little concerned. It sounded cringey and like it would be awful (saying 'McBusted' actually still makes me cringe) and I weren't going to bother going to see them but then last minute we got tickets. I am so glad we did. It was the most fun ever. We was at the very back but with a great view and just spent an hour and a half dancing and ended up very sweaty! But it was actually one of the most fun nights ever.

Hope you all like this kind of post and like I said, I will try and keep on top of them!

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