12 October 2012


Very short outfit post for a lazy day off today...

Top; Hero & Cape | Disco Pants; Glamorous | Shoes; Matalan | Collar; New Look

You may recognise the top from the payday wishlist a few posts back. I absolutely love it. It's just the right amount of loose fitting in the right places which make it great for tucking into shorts or skirts or my current love interest, my disco pants!
I'm not really a leggings person. I pretty much live in tights. But over the last year or so from reading other blogs and seeing so many of the American Apparel Disco Pants on everyone I was intrigued. Though, not enough to spend £70 on them. Of course, dupes have been popping up everywhere and the Glamorous ones have been floating around the blogging world. I tried them and instantly fell in love. I've worn them to death already.
I've been after a collar to go over tops for a while but I've never found one I really like that doesn't cost the earth. I have a Dorothy Perkins one but it doesn't quite sit right. This cost £4.99 from New Look and it's so pretty with the lace and pearl detailing.
And my shoes... I've worn them every single day since I bought them last week. I think they were £16 (possibly £14, I can't remember but great price none the less!) and they're so comfy! The gold toe cap and heel are very unique and I think they seem more expensive than they are. Not overly keen on them being suede, especially coming up to winter, but nothing some shoe protector spray isn't going to fix! 


  1. I absolutely love disco pants, But I have yet to find a pair that fit well that aren't over 70£ :( You have such a nice blog :)
    I would love if you could check out my blog and follow me too if you get the chance , I have just started a beauty/fashion blog :)

  2. Hello beautiful. I know your blog. I love your style and you're very pretty;) You have a new follower. I invite you to know my blog. I'd love to get your visit :) A big hug, PersonalStyle.

  3. Lovely outfit, the collar look's so cute!
    The Glamorous disco pant's look like such a good match of the AA one's, they look so shiny!



  4. Love the t-shirt and collar. Your style posts and dress like posts are fab and inspiring! New follower :)


  5. I love those disco pants, so awesome! I'm following your blog now, would you mind checking mine out and let me know what you think? :)

    www.thepulseoffashion.blogspot.com xx


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