28 October 2012


There's only 2 months to go until 2012 is over! How mental is that? But the exciting bit is that in about 6 weeks time party season will begin. At work, we're having our Christmas meal/do on the 8th December so I've got a month to find the perfect dress and with November being a 5 week month I need to get one ASAP before I run out of money and time!

I've put together some of my favourite choices and hopefully I can find one when I go shopping tomorrow on my day off. (I'm never this organised so "hopefully" is probably the important word there.)

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I always end up wearing black, no matter how hard I try to avoid it and tell myself I will get a coloured dress, I still end up buying a black dress every year.
I know that the teal one does come in black but it doesn't seem to be on the website at the moment and I think the embellishment is gold on that one, which I'd prefer, but again... black!
I'm really liking dresses that have the mesh panels at the top at the moment and, with being a dress I'm going to be wearing for the work Christmas do and probably on New Year's Eve too you've gotta have some sparkle in there!

I'm off to the Trafford Centre tomorrow and I will do my best to avoid the LBD but there's a reason it is a staple and a classic piece for every occasion..!
What are your thoughts? Are you already organised with your Christmas party dress?


  1. The first dress (Miss Selfridge) is amazing.



  2. So excited the party dresses are coming back in the shops! Really like all of your picks- especially the Dorothy Perkins teal one and the burgundy H+M one :) looking forward to seeing what you buy xx

  3. I love the first one! It's super cute. I usually fall back on an LBD too and recently snapped up one for my next party. I like to wear coloured shoes if everything else I'm wearing is black. I try to get a nail varnish colour to match the shoes too. :) You're going to look fab!
    Mia x


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