22 July 2014


One thing I did not need: a new handbag. One thing I bought: a new handbag. OOPSIE.

Well, I kind of need a new bag. I've had a bag in my head for so long. I like black bags, with a long strap and I really wanted one with compartments รก la last year's Zara City bag. I've been looking everywhere but I just couldn't find one. Primark used to have an apparent dupe for the Zara one but as much as I love Primark, you do get what you pay for and I knew it wouldn't last me (and my store didn't get them anyway).

But I finally found what I was looking for and in Marks & Spencer of all places..! I don't shop in M&S. I don't even go in by choice. My friend dragged me in because she wanted tights and I just spied it and I ended up buying it.

So with a new bag, what better time than to do an updated "what's in my bag?"...

20 July 2014


The weeks are getting faster and faster aren't they? On the other hand, the weeks until I go to Rhodes are now in single figures..! Roll on 20th September!
But on to this week...


This song will not get out of my head. This is "Rude" by a Canadian band called Magic! It's a bit different to what I usually listen to; it has a reggae vibe to it and it's going to be the perfect summer song. I just love it!

19 July 2014


Wow, it has been a good few months since I did one of these posts. If you're new to this corner of the Internet, every so often I put together all the products I've bought over the previous few weeks and do mini reviews on them.
I hadn't really accumulated too much prior to now but very recently I have had a little splurge so I have decided to put all the new things on my face and combine reviews with a Face of the Day. Look at that for multitasking!

16 July 2014


I've seen a lot of these beauty hack posts around recently so I thought I'd throw my two cents in and share some tips I've picked up and discovered over the years. Because anything that makes life easier is an absolute winner. Am I right? (Yes. Yes I am.)

Dry shampoo. Our saviour. Can't be bothered washing your hair? Woke up in a big greasy mess? A few spritz and you're ready to take over the world... grey patches and all. Ahem. Dry shampoo has advanced in that it does come tailored to dark hair as well now but you can still get patches that are missed when you rub it all in. I find it best to spray it at the roots before you go to bed. This way, with the movement you do in your sleep, it gets rubbed in perfectly and you wake up without greasiness. Bingo!

13 July 2014


It's that time of the week again so let's dive straight in..!


I haven't really been listening to anything new this week. (I'm still pretty obsessed with The Book of Mormon soundtrack to be honest.) So I thought I'd have a little throwback nostalgia. I was in my car this week when this absolute tune came on shuffle...

his used to be my absolute JAM. Britney at her finest - though forever going to love her. Can't help it. A not so guilty pleasure at it's finest.


Miss Congenialty. We watched this last night with a chinese takeaway and cheesecake. I've easily watched this film 368392648927 times (only a slight exaggeration...) So quotable and then added Sandra Bullock. Just LOOK AT HER. She's 50 and she is still so hot. And in this film she is just a total badass.
If you've not watched this for a very long time (or ever, you weirdo) then I highly recommend you rekindle the love for it.


This week I downloaded an app called Happy Goals. It's 69p (not sure if it's on Android phones) and you can enter all the goals and targets you want to achieve. I thought it was a really good idea and I love the app design. As you can see, I've not done too well with my goals so far! I think I've spent longer trying to think of goals.
I really want 500 Bloglovin followers by the end of the year so if you aren't already, help a sister out?
£10,000 is definitely a lot of money and I don't really have a timescale as such for this one. I put away £100 every month and I'm going to start trying to put in what I have left at the end of each month too.
Reading is something I used to love when I was a lot younger and as I've got older I just lost interest. But I really want to get back into reading. So again with this there's no real timescale but I'm hoping I do a least half the target by the end of the year. I'm currently reading the book that inspired Orange Is The New Black.
Working out? Hahahahaha. But I also downloaded another app called Pump Up which looks really good so I'm hoping if I can use it every day for a month I will get into a habit of doing stuff! We shall see...

What have you all been enjoying this week?

8 July 2014


I was just having a little tidy the other day and then realised I have accumulated quite a lot of cleansers so why not tell you about them..!

Okay so here we go..!

6 July 2014


First week back to work after a week off is always the worst. So much catching up on top of all the normal jobs to be done. But then a chilled weekend was much appreciated and needed. 
And this week I have been loving...


It seems like a million years since Ed Sheeran's first album came out (and it still sounds amazing!) and last week his second album finally came out and I've been playing it pretty much non stop since. It must be so hard when you do an album that is so amazing to then try and go one better and not many people actually do it but this is incredible and I think it may even be better than +. I can't fully decide my favourite track but I think Nina is probably it at the moment. I genuinely don't think it's possible to get bored of Ed's voice and his beautiful lyrics. 100% recommend this! Perfect summer road trip album.

1 July 2014


I mentioned in the last couple of posts that I have been to London for a few days. I have never been before and I have always wanted to so finally, it happened! We got up early on the Monday and headed to the train station and heading down to Euston. We had our Visitor Oyster Cards at the ready and we planned the next four days on the train down.
We were staying right opposite Kensington Gardens at Hotel 43 about 3 minutes from Queensway tube station. I highly recommend it here if you are thinking of visiting. It's easy to get to, the room is lovely, it's central to everything and lovely staff too.

(Apologies, this is very photo heavy!)