8 July 2014


I was just having a little tidy the other day and then realised I have accumulated quite a lot of cleansers so why not tell you about them..!

Okay so here we go..!

There's two Hot Cloth Cleansers... one from Superdrug's Vitamin E range and a sample size of the cult favourite Liz Earle. The Superdrug one is my second tube. I absolutely love it (I do have an Unsung Heroes post ready about this actually). It's cheap and cheerful and does the job. Sometimes I take my makeup off with it but I prefer to use it as a post makeup removal cleanse. It's so creamy and leave my skin feeling so soft. But the Liz Earle one, I haven't really got on with and I'm not sure why it has the hype. I prefer the consistency of the Superdrug one, it feels nicer on the skin. I feel the Liz Earle one doesn't glide across my skin as nicely so if you were thinking of investing in a Hot Cloth Cleanser, you might want to go to Superdrug first.

I have a little sample size of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser which I really need to buy the full size of. I use this most evenings as the post makeup removal cleanse. It's light, doesn't make my skin greasy and just leaves my skin actually feeling clean and fresh.
It is quite similar to the Clarins Cleansing Milk. I've nearly run out of this so I'm trying to use it sparingly. It is a bit thicker that The Body Shop one and feels so luxurious when you massage it in to the skin. I don't use these cleansing milk cleansers to take makeup off so I'm not sure how good a job they do for that but I really love both of these.

Another one I don't use to take my make up off with, which is similar as well to The Body Shop and Clarins ones, is the Soap & Glory Peaches n Clean. I have done a whole post about this cleanser here. I mainly use this as my morning cleanser as it smells so fresh and it's so light so it's nothing too heavy for under my makeup. I was wary of the fragrance at first but it hasn't affected my skin at all or been responsible for any breakouts.

Another one from The Body Shop (of course...) is the Tree Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. It is exactly that. Cool and creamy. I use this in the mornings when my skin has really taken a hating to me. It instantly freshens up the skin and has a lovely smooth, creamy texture. Oh, and don't get it near your eyes. That's not fun.

And on to the cleansers solely used to take the day's makeup off with. I'll talk about Micellar Water first. This one is Garnier's offering. I haven't actually used this one all that much yet but I only really use these water cleaners when I've come home late and I just can't be bother getting out a face cloth and using an oil or balm. They're really quite handy and I do like this Garnier one. Dissolves the makeup pretty quickly and then just wipe away all with a cotton pad. I don't feel like they get everything off but the bulk is definitely cleared. I don't like putting them on my eyes though. I think you can with this one but I'd rather use an actual eye make up remover for that.

Saving the best products for last and both from The Body Shop's Camomile range. Firstly the Camomile Cleansing Butter. I have done a whole post on this here. You need the smallest amount, it feels so nice on the skin and you can get all your eye makeup off too. And then afterwards the skin is super soft. I then ended up getting the Cleansing Oil from the same range and I bloody love his stuff. One pump removes everything in next to no time. Mascara is completely broken down and wiped away. It's only £10 too and there's nothing else on the high street that covers the cleansing oil area. And again with the oil, the camomile gives you lovely soft skin afterwards.

Have you used any of these cleansers? What are your favourites?

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