16 July 2014


I've seen a lot of these beauty hack posts around recently so I thought I'd throw my two cents in and share some tips I've picked up and discovered over the years. Because anything that makes life easier is an absolute winner. Am I right? (Yes. Yes I am.)

Dry shampoo. Our saviour. Can't be bothered washing your hair? Woke up in a big greasy mess? A few spritz and you're ready to take over the world... grey patches and all. Ahem. Dry shampoo has advanced in that it does come tailored to dark hair as well now but you can still get patches that are missed when you rub it all in. I find it best to spray it at the roots before you go to bed. This way, with the movement you do in your sleep, it gets rubbed in perfectly and you wake up without greasiness. Bingo!

I love blusher but trying out new ones can be a little scary. Often in a morning I am rushing and I can't afford for a blusher crisis. If your blusher ends up looking a little clown like because you've been a bit heavy handed, grab your foundation brush and give it a swirl around the edges of the blush. It'll blend it in to the skin seamlessly and not make it like you've just put a pink stamp on the side of your face!

Sudocrem is your best friend. We see products in the shop targeted towards blemished skin and we buy it all in the hope that we'll have perfect movie star skin and whilst it initially, or sometimes, works, it doesn't always. I find that when I'm having a serious skin issue and nothing is helping, I have to whack out the sudocrem and put blobs all over my face. I don't tend to actually rub it in. More just walk around the house looking like I have some odd disease. But it works so well!

Every Sunday I use a deep conditioning treatment to get my hair super soft and ready for the week. I usually wash my hair then every other day and when I do I just use a normal conditioner but I will put in in my hair, focusing on length and ends, squeeze it in gently and then leave it whilst I go ahead and wash my body for a few minutes before rinsing out. Give the conditioner a chance to soak into the hair and do its job before being washed away and you get lovely soft hair all week long.

Finally, one of beauty's most difficult tasks... eyeliner. Getting eyeliner right is not something you can learn from Youtube tutorials or Pinterest "how to's". You can only learn it by practice. Eyeliner is my thing and it always has been but it's only recently that I'm getting confident that I will be able to do it exactly how I want it on the first go. My sister always comes in my room before a night out and asks me to do her liner because she can't do it.
With practice, you are going to have to accept that it will be stressful and mistakes will happen. Have a cotton bud on hand and for any errors, wet the cotton bud (stick it in your mouth, it'll be fine! [keep your mind out of the gutter!]) and simply wipe away the wonky parts. You can get at the parts a lot easier with the size of the bud and you don't have to ruin the rest of your makeup.

Hope some of these tips help and you didn't already know of all of them.


  1. I too love a good Sunday hair treatment! I like to wack a face mask on and give my nails a fresh coat at the same time - makes waking up on a Monday morning a little bit more bearable knowing my hair is soft/skin fresh/nails looking fab (it's the little things in life).

    Really enjoyed this post - particularly the dry shampoo tip - dark hair + dry shampoo does not always have a happy ending!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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