13 July 2014


It's that time of the week again so let's dive straight in..!


I haven't really been listening to anything new this week. (I'm still pretty obsessed with The Book of Mormon soundtrack to be honest.) So I thought I'd have a little throwback nostalgia. I was in my car this week when this absolute tune came on shuffle...

his used to be my absolute JAM. Britney at her finest - though forever going to love her. Can't help it. A not so guilty pleasure at it's finest.


Miss Congenialty. We watched this last night with a chinese takeaway and cheesecake. I've easily watched this film 368392648927 times (only a slight exaggeration...) So quotable and then added Sandra Bullock. Just LOOK AT HER. She's 50 and she is still so hot. And in this film she is just a total badass.
If you've not watched this for a very long time (or ever, you weirdo) then I highly recommend you rekindle the love for it.


This week I downloaded an app called Happy Goals. It's 69p (not sure if it's on Android phones) and you can enter all the goals and targets you want to achieve. I thought it was a really good idea and I love the app design. As you can see, I've not done too well with my goals so far! I think I've spent longer trying to think of goals.
I really want 500 Bloglovin followers by the end of the year so if you aren't already, help a sister out?
£10,000 is definitely a lot of money and I don't really have a timescale as such for this one. I put away £100 every month and I'm going to start trying to put in what I have left at the end of each month too.
Reading is something I used to love when I was a lot younger and as I've got older I just lost interest. But I really want to get back into reading. So again with this there's no real timescale but I'm hoping I do a least half the target by the end of the year. I'm currently reading the book that inspired Orange Is The New Black.
Working out? Hahahahaha. But I also downloaded another app called Pump Up which looks really good so I'm hoping if I can use it every day for a month I will get into a habit of doing stuff! We shall see...

What have you all been enjoying this week?

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