20 July 2014


The weeks are getting faster and faster aren't they? On the other hand, the weeks until I go to Rhodes are now in single figures..! Roll on 20th September!
But on to this week...


This song will not get out of my head. This is "Rude" by a Canadian band called Magic! It's a bit different to what I usually listen to; it has a reggae vibe to it and it's going to be the perfect summer song. I just love it!


This week I went to see Begin Again. I remember hearing about this film when it was being made (pretty sure it was going to be called something else too?) but I was so excited about it because of the cast and it just sounded like the kind of film I would love.
I think this is the first negative review of a film I've put on one of these posts. I was so disappointed. I don't even exactly know why. I kind of felt like it was just a bit flat and nothing really happened. It's got such great reviews too. My friends that i saw it with both enjoyed it but I just couldn't get into it. I did really like Mark Ruffalo's character and seeing his development and Keira Knightly's voice is lovely but that's all.
Has anyone else seen it and not enjoyed it?


This week I have been home alone. My parents have been on holiday and so has my sister. They're all home now but I enjoyed having my own home for a week so much. I've been wanting to move out for ages but I can't justify it financially right now but being on my own has really made me want to. I did my own shopping, could watch whatever I wanted without anyone moaning and I completely took over the bathroom! It was pretty nice having all my stuff everywhere and not being told off for creating mess.
It was a bit upsetting to have to put it all back in my cupboard before they returned though.

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