22 September 2012


It's payday in 6 days (and counting!) and this month I'm due a bonus in my payslip as I got a little promotion last month so I think that means I'm entitled to treat myself.
Here's what I'm after this month...

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1. Been after a skirt like this for so long and I've tried so many on that just aren't right. Hopefully my local Topshop has this and hopefully it will be perfect. It will go with everything and I'd be able to wear it for work too.
2. I already have a Bowie top but this one from the new Hero & Cape collection is just beautiful.
3. I keep looking at these House of Holland tights and they're reduced on the New Look website. Meaning I'll probably end up buying them.
4. Like I need another lipstick... BUT it's only £1.50 so hardly breaking the bank...
5. This year I really want a good leather jacket and I think this Miss Selfridge one is my favourite that I've come across so far.
6. Seen so many bloggers bang on about this Topshop highlighter and it's got me very intrigued...
7. The only reason I like when it gets cold is because there is knitwear everywhere and I LOVE knitwear. This cardigan looks so cosy!
8. Scarf... gloves... Scloves? Glarf? I don't know but... AWESOME. I had to de-ice my car this morning (in September!!) and it was so frosty walking from where I park to work so this would nicely warm me up on that little journey.

What are you wanting this payday?


  1. Love that Bowie top! Can't find it anywhere ont the site though so it must be sold out! Cry cry!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

    1. http://heroandcape.bigcartel.com/product/aladdin-sane-tee
      :) x

  2. Love this, after I got promoted last Spring I think I spent my entire pay rise for the year the following day as a reward. Sort of defeating the object! Love the leather jacket.


  3. LOVE this - I'd do anything for the Bowie top and glarf! Really love your blog too! I've just started blogging over at http://saskiasattic.blogspot.co.uk/ - perhaps you'd be kind enough to have a look?

    Thanks! Saskia X

    Ps. Following!

  4. Love the biker jacket. I feel like I should get one to go with my new shoes!

  5. Love the leather jacket. :)

    I've just been paid so I've just bought a gorgeous pair of chelsea boots. :D xx

  6. I love the miss selfridge leather jacket and the bowie top and i'll probably end up buying one if not both haha!!



  7. Who can resist a skater skirt. . . ahhhhhh need that Bowie top what a legend!!

  8. I have the Skater Skirt from Topshop its so nice! And as you said goes with everything!! And you need a staple leather jacket that one is gorgeous it's always great to invest in a staple like that! :)

    I have tagged you in the SunShine Award which is on my blog :)

  9. I really like that black skirt, seems like it would be really versatile. I already had payday and I splurged on my first NARS products :) However it was my early birthday gift to myself so it was justified ! xx
    Just found your blog, I like your content. Would love if you'd check out mine if you have a moment free :)

    xx love from the States


  10. Lovely wishlist ♥♥
    Im in love with your blog!!

    Please do check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  11. Congrats on your promotion! I've been eyeing that highlighter as well, but I don't have access where I live :( Let us know what you think!

    New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  12. Hiya,

    I found your blog via bblogger bloghop and i love it, i too have been searching for the same skirt but i need it that little bit longer. I have the jacket, i bought it last year and i love it still, in fact i had it on today.



    1. Thank you very much! I've just uploaded a new post with the skirt and jacket :)
      Off to check yours out now xx


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