15 September 2012

Hello. Again.

This is slightly awkward.

Back in March, after 2 years, I deleted this blog. Currently, London Fashion Week S/S13 is happening and looking through all the collections made me really miss doing this. I'm now a little angry at myself for deleting every single thing to do with the blog. All my posts, photos, logos etc.

I'm not the best person in the world at doing this but I think I'm going to give it another go. I think I'm going to have a slight different approach about it and the things I post about, but we shall see what happens. I'm not going to promise any regular posting. Just, thank you for coming back and welcome to any new readers!



  1. hello
    blog already wish you success in your life.
    Waiting for blog address.


  2. I didn't realise you'd started blogging again! So happy :D and now tempted to go on an ELF spending spree...

    1. I put in 2 orders in 2 days...
      Also, at the mo on the website if you spend £15 you get a £10 goodie bag free!

    2. NOOOO!!! I literally JUST ordered some stuff and it came to £12.50 so I got the free eyeshadow but didn't know about the goodie bag!

    3. I did my first order then the day after there was 30% off studio lines so i ended up doing that then the day after they did the goodie bag thing. curse you, ELF!


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