29 September 2012


My previous blog post was my payday wishlist and as I got paid yesterday (with a nice little bonus too!!) I went shopping today on my day off.

Skirt; Topshop | Jacket; Miss Selfridge

Sorry the last photo is so blurry!

On the previously mentioned wishlist, I had featured the skirt and the jacket. I was in town the other day and the skirt was sold out in my size so I tried the next size up but it was too big. I went home to order it online but it'd had sold out and I was gutted. Luckily, it was restocked the other day so I ordered it as soon as I realised. It fits perfectly and I'm so happy with it.
As for the jacket, I never want to take it off. It's a lovely fit. I'd definitely recommend going up a size in it though (as I think you should anyway when it comes to jackets and coats.) It's a little pricey (though I do get staff discount) but I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it and it's easily going to be able to be worn all year round. I'm looking at it as an investment, anyway!

Every payday without fail I spend too much money in Superdrug. I'm literally obsessed. Although I did quite well this time (until new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks are released next week, eek!) They had a buy one get one free offer on selected Simple products, which I think is on for all this month but I'm not 100% sure. I picked up some face wipes and a new moisturiser and I also got some eye balm. My eyes look so tired all the time so i was curious. I've used it today and I've noticed the skin around my eye feels a lot smoother but I don't know if I look more awake! Probably not used it enough just yet.
The GOSH primers had £3 off and although I've still got quite a bit left I couldn't pass up that offer because I've never seen them on offer before. I really recommend this primer, though. 

I also popped into Boots and picked up the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen. I saw it on another blog this week and I was intrigued. I used to use the Rimmel felt pen liner and then I went off it so I'll have to see how this compares to my holy grail liquid liner that is Barry M.

Finally, I keep seeing people go on about the Lush lip scrubs and I never go in Lush but decided to give it a go. I got the bubblegum flavour and it smells AMAZING. I wear lipstick every single day so I probably should look after my lips as much as I try to look after my skin.

I have also just ordered the Hero & Cape Bowie tee that was featured in the wishlist. Very excited for that to arrive.

I'm going to try and post a monthly favourites blog tomorrow. Hope you all have great weekends!


  1. That Jacket is to die for! Followed you from the BBloggers chat hop! Look forward to reading more of your blog! X
    Lilla Loves

  2. Glad you got the skirt in the end, you will have to let me know how long it is, hope you love the jacket.


    1. completely in love with the jacket!
      I'll no doubt be wearing the skirt for an outfit post very soon :)

  3. Hi! Found you through the blog hop :)


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