20 September 2012


I've read a lot of good things about online make-up brand e.l.f. but I was always a bit concerned about buying make-up online when you can't see it to test it. And I thought the insanely cheap prices just couldn't be right! But so many beauty bloggers swear by them so I bit the bullet on the head and purchased a few items.

Mineral Powder Brush; £3.75
Angled Foundation Brush; £3.75
Concealer Brush; £3.75
Matte Finisher Nail Polish; £2.50
Studio Eyeshadow in Wild Wheat; FREE GIFT (usually £3.75)

See? Insanely cheap prices! There's an offer on the site at the minute where you get a free studio eyeshadow if you spend £12. Very happy they sent a neutral colour as I'm not a big eyeshadow person and when I do use it I do stick to those colours.

I was planning on having a no make-up day today to give my face a break but when this box arrived today I got a bit too excited to try everything out. Ooh, that reminds me... I order this on Tuesday late at night and it arrived today (Thursday afternoon) and I got the dispatch email yesterday afternoon. Very impressed with that.
Anyway! The brushes are all from the Studio range. There is a normal range where the brushes are £1.50 and a mineral range where they cost £5. I prefer the sleek look of the Studio ones and all the reviews and blogs I've read talk about these ones. They are so soft! I've obviously only used them once so far but the angled foundation brush has given a lovely coverage and I feel like I've not even used as much foundation as I usually put on. I think my favourite is going to be the powder brush. I picks up so much of the powder and it actually keeps it all on my face rather than dusting all my clothes, too.
The eyeshadow is a lovely colour on and you can definitely build up the colour quite a lot with only a couple of layers.
As for the nail varnish... a while ago I saw a photo online of somebody's nails and she had a matte black polish on and it looked lovely and I Googled the life out of the Internet trying to find some but I just couldn't. I looked in every stand in Boots and Superdrug and tried eBay too so then I gave up. Saw a YouTube video and now I'm desperate to try it out! I will report back another time on this.

I'm so impressed with ELF already, so far, and I'll definitely buy from them again. Have any of you bought from them before? What are your favourite brushes/products?


  1. Amazing blog! (;
    Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    If u wanna, let me know. ♥

    Love, Jackffy

  2. Wow cheap prices! I haven't tried anything by them before but I've heard very good things about them :)


  3. I've never used Elf I've always worried that it wouldn't be good quality but see your photos it actually looks really good! might have to have a cheeky order on their website!

    Lovely blog by the way :)

    Tanesha x

    1. I'm really impressed. Already made my second purchase!
      Thank you, checking yours out now x

  4. They have mega discounts atm as well. They is a few of there things that are staples for me and i stock up all the time, tonight i got £50 of stuff for £25 :D very happy.
    My favourite is their studio creme blushes, the packaging they come in is so chic.
    (just realised how much that sounded like a sales pitch haha)

    Really like your blog. :)

    lorna xxx



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