18 September 2012


Earlier this year I realised my hair was in shocking condition. I'd been dyeing it for a good 5 years, straightened it daily for 8 or so years, blow drying everyday and rarely having a hair cut. My hair felt horrible and it was split-end central.
At present I've not dyed my hair since April, I've not used a hair dryer since around June time and the same for fully straightening my hair. When I leave it to dry naturally, it dries so lovely and I'm angry at myself for ruining my hair. I do have to admit that I still use the straighteners just for fly away bits that stick out when I wake up! I had all the split ends cut out too and 4 or so months later I can totally tell the difference. Then I went on a hair product scout to find something to keep my hair in good condition and make it softer.
As well as bad hair, my skin isn't all the great either. (Aren't I lucky?!) So I'm always looking out for new skin care products and looking at what other people are using.
So here are the few bits that I use daily..!

  1. E45 moisturiser - Pretty basic essential! You can use it everywhere and it's all hypoallergenic and it's good for sensitive skin so that is all I need. I use this in a morning before I put primer and my make up on and generally after a shower.
  2. Batiste dry shampoo - The holy grail of dry shampoo and a total life saver! I used to wash my hair every day but I've managed to cut it down to every other day now (of which I can tell has also really helped my hair.) so this stuff is brilliant for a quick refresh in the mornings. I use the 'dark and deep brown' one because my roots are quite dark brown and I'm too paranoid of having white patches that I've not rubbed in properly!
  3. Nivea Visage Pure & Natural cleansing lotion - I've only had this for a few weeks but I love it! I use it at night after washing my face and it makes my skin feel so nice and soft.
  4. Simple Soothing Facial Toner - Another relatively new product which I'm also loving. I literally tell after the first use that my skin looked better; it's definitely clearing up my pores. I use this twice a day, generally. I think it's only new out, too, because when I bought it a couple weeks ago it seemed to be on offer everywhere. Definitely worth checking out, only cost me £2!
  5. Tresemmé Split Remedy - I've not actually used this much recently. I bought it whilst I was still straightening my hair. I don't think it really worked all that much but I like the smell of it and if I put i on the ends before I leave the house it makes my hair look shiny.
  6. Nivea Double Effective Eye Makeup Remover - I've only been using this for a week or so. I needed eye make up remover, this was on offer and I was curious about the 2 liquids in the bottle. You have to shake it really quite a lot for them to mix. It obviously has oil in it to remove the make up but then the other half protects eyelashes and doesn't leave oily residue. It says that you don't need to rub to get the make up off but you do to an extent (maybe that's because of how much mascara I pile on..!) but I will probably buy it again.
  7. Argan Oil - I've been so curious about this for a long time. I've googled and blog searched for months trying to get as many reviews as possible. Always get nervous buying new products in case I don't like them and then I've spent money I didn't need to. SO glad I bought this though. My hair is so soft! When my hair is wet is put quite a bit all through it then on some morning I put a tiny bit through my hair (avoiding roots or it'll make you look greasy!). Definitely recommend buying this too.
  8. Tea Tree cleansing pads & spot stick - These are Superdrug own brand and I've been using them as part of my night time skin care routine. I use the pads all over my face first, then the spot stick. (Then  use the facial toner and then cleansing lotion!) Obviously being tea tree I knew it would sting a little but... wow! No pain, no gain though, right? My spots did shrink down though so clearly works.

I took these photos a few days ago but since then I also added a new skincare product to my routine. I bought Garnier's Skin Naturals Anti-blackhead Deep Pore Wash. I've not used it enough yet to really have an opinion on it but having used Garnier products in the past I don't think I'll have any complaints.
Has anyone else used it?

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  1. Loved this post- found it really helpful!
    Have to fully agree with the dry shampoo- it's the best thing ever invented aha:')

    Please check out my blog! Would mean alot- gracierose060398.blogspot.co.uk <3


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