30 September 2012


I really love reading monthly favourites posts so here's mine for this month. There's not an awful lot and the majority is beauty related items.

Space tee; Topshop
Disco Pants; Glamorous
ELF Stipple Brush
Argan Oil
FAME by Lady Gaga
No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation
Garnier Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash
ELF Matte Finisher Nail Polish
MUA Lipstick (shade 1)

I don't really own that many casual tops but I saw this and just loved it. It's a good, comfy fit and I wear it all the time when I'm having lazy days. As for the disco pant dupes... I keep seeing people wearing them and I'm not a leggings person at all but I was intrigued. Then a little shop near me starting selling the Glamorous ones (that I've seen loads of bloggers rave) so I had to try them on. IN LOVE. I wear them all the time. Comfy and go with everything! I actually went back and bought the grey ones last week, I like them that much.

I posted recently my first ELF haul. After doing that post I made a second order and in it I got the Stippling Brush. It's fantastic! I use it for foundation and I feel like I don't use as much product when I use this brush and my make up does seem to be staying on a lot longer. Very impressed!
Jumped on the Argan oil bandwagon quite a bit after everyone else but it does serious wonders to my hair, and it smells amazing!
For the last few years my go-to perfume has always been the original Kate Moss fragrance. Then I found out a bit ago it's been discontinued and I only have a tiny bit left. Absolutely gutted. I heard about the Lady Gaga perfume, and I love her anyway, so I had to try it out. I really love it! It takes a minute or so for the smell to really come out and it literally last all day.
I talked about the foundation on this post and I do feel so much happier with my make up since getting this but I will be buying the Matte one next time because my skin does tend to get a bit shiny later into the day.
I've only been using this face wash for just over a week but my skin is SO soft after using it. I will definitely be re-purchasing.
Also, in the previously mentioned ELF haul post, I bought the Matte Finisher polish. I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. I've used it every time I've put a different colour on my nails.
And lastly, the MUA lipstick. I've got quite a few lipsticks but they're all various shades of pink so I decided it was time to branch out. Though a little scary, I just went in at the deep end and bought a bold red. I think I've definitely wore it this month more than any of the pinks. Though, this only means I'm going to get more obsessed with lipstick...

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. I love the space tee... I used to love going to the planetarium in the museum when I was a little nerd so all the galaxy prints that are around at the moment really take me back!
    Kaz x


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