22 July 2014


One thing I did not need: a new handbag. One thing I bought: a new handbag. OOPSIE.

Well, I kind of need a new bag. I've had a bag in my head for so long. I like black bags, with a long strap and I really wanted one with compartments √° la last year's Zara City bag. I've been looking everywhere but I just couldn't find one. Primark used to have an apparent dupe for the Zara one but as much as I love Primark, you do get what you pay for and I knew it wouldn't last me (and my store didn't get them anyway).

But I finally found what I was looking for and in Marks & Spencer of all places..! I don't shop in M&S. I don't even go in by choice. My friend dragged me in because she wanted tights and I just spied it and I ended up buying it.

So with a new bag, what better time than to do an updated "what's in my bag?"...

The bag was £39.50 as it feels such good quality. The strap is detachable but as I mentioned, I prefer the long straps on bags. The only thing that annoys me is the strap is one of those that clips on each side rather than across the middle, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I think it's worth noting here that if this is still out of your price range my mum bought a bag from Tesco this week for £18 and it is pretty much identical to this one just without a long strap.
But for me this one is near damn perfect.

Now what have I thrown in it...

I always keep my sunglasses in my bag all year round. These are Dorothy Perkins from a couple of years ago. They're a bit scratched now and I should probably replace them at some point but they'll do for now. I keep them on me all the time in case of emergency when I'm driving and can't see - which happens often as I'm too short for the sun visor to make a difference..!
Got to have my old school iPod Classic with me too. Hold 80GB of music so I'm literally never going to need to upgrade this little bad boy.
I also have the iPhone 5. I used to keep my music on my phone but I down sized in memory when I got this phone.
First set of keys (with a decapitated Buzz Lightyear :'( which I only noticed when I took them out the bag for these photos. No idea where his head is but I'm very upset...) are my work keys. My boss was really useful as gave me all the keys that look exactly the same so I've had to stick coloured labels on them.
Glasses which I actually rarely use. I'm supposed to use them when I'm on the computer at work but I always forget to unless I start getting headaches.
My purse is from River Island. I've had this a few years now and I love it but I wish their purses had more card slots and they were easier to get cards in and out of..! Am I right?! But it's so pretty and goes with all my bags.
Inhaler - I don't actually have asthma but when the weather is cold I do suffer a bit with lack of breath/tight chest so I usually just keep this with me all the time.
Nurofen. I don't think an explanation is too necessary but I always carry them with me because I'm so headache prone.
That teeny little device is an iPhone charger adapter. Though now pretty much everyone has the iPhone 5 it's not as necessary. But when the iPhone 5 first came out and they change the charger, if you ever found yourself having to borrow a charger, the chances are their charge would no longer fit your phone so this clips on the end of the original charger and then you can plug it in to the 5! Genius.
Bobble and a hair grip. Just in case.
I have a little tube of hand cream by Molten & Brown that came in a Birchbox. It's quite nice and a good to have in my bag because you never know! (Pretty much everything I carry around is for "just in case" situations).
I have a little zebra print compact mirror which always comes in handy for a lipstick or fringe check and then there is a sample perfume of Katy Perry's Killer Queen which I think was from a Glossybox. I know people complain about perfume samples but I love them. I just throw them all in my bag. Because you never do know... ;)
Second set of keys is my house/car keys with a Tesco clubcard and a Woody keyring because I am that cool... Hmm.
Then there is Soap & Glory's Hand maid hand sanitizer. It smells wonderful and always comes in handy (ooh see what i did there?!). I bought it before London so it was a bit of a lifesaver with the amount of times we were on and off the tube.
I have an Impulse body spray in there too. I don't even think I've ever used it but... well you know the drill now.
And finally a comb to keep my very difficult fringe at bay. This was in a 2 pack from Primark and it does the job.

Phew! There we go. Now, I need to go and find Buzz' head. I'm hoping he's at work somewhere...

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  1. Gorgeous bag, I love these type of posts as it is always interesting to see what essentials other bloggers carry in their bags :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

    Camille xo.



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