4 May 2014


Last week I took the plunge and got a lot of my hair cut off. I spent so long trying to get it long but I have been getting bored and even after 2 and a half years of not dying my hair, it was still growing out and I've always hated that it looked like I'd dip dyed it.

I'm a huge Alexa Chung fan. I love her style and her book is great. So after a lot of Pinterest searching of her I decided to just go and get my hair cut to that length too. And I love it! My hair is naturally wavy and I thought going short would make it bounce up too much but it's just how I wanted it to be.

My dad couldn't even tell I'd had that much cut off..! These were taken directly before and after! I think it's fair to say I said goodbye to a fair bit...

This was my inspiration photo for the length. 

I thought I'd probably regret it a little but I don't miss it in the slightest! So that's good..! :')

What do you think?

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