25 May 2014


So far so good. Two weeks and I've managed to keep on top of this. Let's see what this weeks Tunes, Films and something extra picks are... (ooh the suspense..!)


Not a new song but I have gotten in to a habit were every year I make a new playlist once it gets towards summer and I pretty much just listen to those 60 or so songs on repeat for about 4 months in my car. This song is called Generator by The Holloways and it always ends up on the playlist every single year. It's one of my favourite songs ever and it just is perfect for picking you up when you feel down and is a perfect summer song too.


I didn't go to the cinema this week but on Friday night I watched The Big Wedding on Netflix. We really wanted to watch this when it first came out and the trailer kept coming on at the cinema but then it never seemed to actually be on at the cinema. We did think it would be one of those films with a really good cast to make up for how bad it is but I actually really enjoyed it. A lovely little girly romcom which sometimes you just need to put on and eat a lot of chocolate. Additional plus: Ben Barnes.


I've blogged about this already, and you can read in full here, but last weekend I headed to my local The Body Shop for their Pulse birthday event. I met some lovely people and now have more blogs to read. The event was lovely and I got a few new bots to try. I just really enjoy that there are become more and more Northern based events as opposed to everything always being in London.

Et Voila!

Hope everyone has a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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  1. The Big Wedding is definitely one of my favourite feel-good films, it always makes me smile x



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