1 June 2014


Hope you've all had a great week. The weather has been so lovely this weekend. I spent yesterday afternoon at the park and then a BBQ in the evening with friends.


Recently I have rekindled my love for Kate Nash's Mariella. This is from her first album I loved it from the first time I ever heard it. It starts off sounding quite haunting and that kind of sticks throughout the song even though it gets more upbeat. I just really love the lyrics and the melody and I've just basically been listening to in on repeat for the past month.


This week I saw Maleficent after what feels like forever since I first found out it was happening. I remember seeing stills of filming about 2 years ago and I had got really excited about this. I'm a huge Disney fan and I love going to the cinema and what I hate most is getting my hopes up about any film and then it being rubbish so I try not to find out too much about upcoming releases or see too many trailers. But I was excited for this. 
I'm not going to post any spoilers but I did quite enjoy it. They definitely put a twist on the traditional story, and fairytales in general, and I think it worked. Angelina Jolie was completely brilliant and stole the whole thing. She was the perfect casting, she did an excellent job and looked incredible. I was totally fixated by the makeup. She was flawless.


My something extra I've been loving this week is Tesco's Red Berries Smootie. It's 89p for a carton and is completely delicious. I've been stocking up the fridge at work. I'm probably going to turn into this smoothie very soon. So yummy and perfect summertime drink.

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