15 June 2014


We didn't intend on staying up for the England match last night but we did end up doing and so a late night to bed meant I only woke up at 11.30 this morning and it feels good!


I've had this album since the day it came out and I haven't mentioned it yet on one of these posts but I really want to. I love Lily Allen. Always have and always will. I was so upset when she said she wouldn't be making another album a few years back. Her lyrics are brilliant, so tongue in cheek and sassy and just great pop songs. So I was thrilled when she did come back and this album is wonderful! I love every song particularly Yours Insincerely, Our Time, Hard Out Here and As Long As I've Got You.
Definitely give this a listen if you need some good, upbeat songs for your summer playlist.


Now, I know this is insane but before last night I had never seen Dirty Dancing. Yep. I know. I am atrocious. 
But last night I watched it and loved it. It's always so hard going to watch a film for the first time that is already such a classic and raved by so many people because quite often you end up disappointed. 
This is the perfect girly rom com for a Saturday night. So glad I've finally seen it and hate myself a little for leaving it so long.


This week I've put an awful lot of effort and time into redesigning my blog. It's looked the same for pretty much four years so I thought it was time for a shake up. Now it's worth noting that I don't have photoshop, I am not creative and I do not understand anything to do with Internet coding. I did everything using MS Paint and a hell of a lot of very concise Googling. After a lot of wanting to tear my hair out, I finally got happy with it and I feel very proud of myself. I hope you all like it too. Please let me know what you think?! 

Hope everyone had a lovely week. I'm excited because I only have to do this next week at work and then I have a lovely week off and I'm heading to London for the first time ever!

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