16 January 2013


Before Christmas, Henry Holland held a Twitter Q&A session to promote the House of Holland beauty sets that have been released in Boots stores. I asked him a question just on the off chance and he replied! I was shocked enough at that and then just over a week ago I received an email saying that I had won one of the sets because of this! I've been admiring them all since they were released the other month so I was absolutely thrilled.

It's a shame I can't do anything with my hair to get even close to big hair but EEEK!

I was sent the "Grubby to Gorgeous" kit...

First of all have to say how much I love the bag it comes in. It's huge and will be brill for when I'm staying over places and not having to take more than one bag to carry around all my essentials.

On to the products..! They all have one of the infamous House of Holland slogans for their product names, which I love.
"Hey Hey Hey! Hands Off My Soufflé!" is a body cream which I've been using after showers to leave my skin super soft. It smells INCREDIBLE. It makes me use way too much because to smells too nice.
"Oh My Gosh, You Can't Swear On A Body Wash" is, surprise surprise, a body wash. This one doesn't have any scent which I thought was odd as the other products do. Also, it doesn't lather much unless you use loads of squirts.
"Glamour And Glitz All In A Spritz" is a body spray which says to just spray all over the body. I'm not really sure if it's supposed to do anything special but again it smells amazing and so I've just been going to town on the spraying!
It also comes with the body scrubber/thing/I'm not actually sure what they're called, oops!

There was a couple of different ones of these House of Holland sets released and now I really want the haircare one. They're all reduced now too but they're all sold out online so hopefully I can find a store with some left in stock.

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  1. Just popped over from the BlogHop :) congratulations on winning! I'm a sucker for bright packaging ha xx


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