17 July 2013


I was born in 1992 so my childhood was spent in the 90's and I often get a bit nostalgic thinking back to the younger days and then cringe at the way we dressed. It most most definitely insanely cool back in the day to be tie dyed to the max with clip in fluorescent hair braid and denim bandanas. Way cool. Trust me.
Recently I've seen an influx of all the 90's gems in the high street stores and either I fell into a time machine without knowing or they are trying to bring back 90's fashion and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this...

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First off, jelly shoes are EVERYWHERE. When I was a kid having jelly shoes meant you literally couldn't be cooler. Like, you were even cooler than the kids with their light up trainers. And if you had silver glittery jelly shoes, you were on fire! So if you want to feel that cool then Topshop are giving you a little hand there.
My favourite thing about 90's fashion was definitely tie dye. I wanted everything that was tie dye and I'm not going to lie, that River Island jumper is kind of making me want to buy it...
Then you had all your graffiti and slogan print tees and that H&M maxi dress screams 90's! Not really sure who could get away with rocking this now but if you're going to try then massive respect to you.
90's accessories that everyone had... the biggest gold hoop earrings you could find and of course, the bumbag! New Look have tried making theirs a bit edgy by sticking studs all over it but I don't think bumbags where acceptable then, let alone now. The bumbag will always remind me of holidays when I was a kid and mum would put all the money in it so she didn't have to take a bag and we'd rummage around in it trying to find 2p's to go in the amusements. Ah nostalgia! How I love thee.
I don't think you can talk about 90's fashion without talking about denim. Sure, denim is still in fashion as it always has been and always will be but there was something about 90's denim... like how everyone dressed in head to toe denim (yes, looking at you Britney and Justin.) I can definitely see 90's J-Lo loving the denim jumpsuit. And flared jeans! Where the more flared the better. I was in love with mine and now looking back all I can think about them was how the bottoms were always soaked with the rain. How fashionable..!

Like I said, I'm not sure how I feel about all these trends coming back. If you can rock the jelly shoe in your mid twenties though then you go for it and I love you for that.
All I want to do now is have a Fab lolly and listen to the Backstreet Boys.


  1. I adore the jumper! and maybe the backstreet boys a little bit as well xx

  2. Until I see plaid shirts again, I'm not convinced the 90s have fully returned!


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