15 July 2013


Well it has been a while since I last did an outfit post and I recently bought a new dress that I wore today so what better opportunity to rectify that.
To be honest, I think the main reason for lack of outfit posts is that I just haven't really been buying clothes that much. However, I popped into New Look at the weekend and fell in love with a dress. New Look isn't somewhere I usually shop. I feel like their target audience is very teenage and usually none of their clothes appeal to me but I spied this dress in one of the concession ranges they stock.

Dress; Tenki @ New Look | Shoes; Primark | Rings; Dorothy Perkins & River Island | Nails; Ciaté

The weather lately has been so hot that I've been stepping way out of my comfort zone and ditching the tights and the knitwear however, when I got out of bed this morning the weather seemed to have remembered that it's in England and the tights needed bringing back out.
The dress then..! I went through a phase (like pretty much everyone) of buying everything and anything with a collar, particularly a Peter Pan collar, but I don't appear to actually own anything anymore with one on. The colour hasn't really translated well on camera but it's a lilac-grey sort of colour and it isn't really as shimmery as it seems. It does have a little which is the underneath lining. It's just so cute! It did come with a belt that went around the waist and had a bow at the front fastening however, it was navy which really confused me. It really didn't match the dress and everyone knows navy and black is a thing that shouldn't happen!
I've worn this today with just a plain black blazer for work. I just wear my flat Primark shoes that I absolutely love! They're sort of lattice design and they're actually really comfy. I pretty much wear them everyday and they were only about £8!
I got the finger top rings from River Island for £2! I originally wanted the criss cross ones that everyone and their cat have but I tried about 6 different stores and the Internet and couldn't get y hands on them. I do really like these ones though. The gold bands are a pack of four from Dorothy Perkins and cost £5. Really simple but really effective.
And the nail varnish is the Ciaté one I received in this months Glossybox. It's a lovely dark nude and I was really impressed with the pigmentation of it to.

My fringe did not behave at all today and I ended up rushing this morning trying to do it and made matters worse so I've been a bit gappy-fringed all day.
On my face today, though, is...:

Nivea Express Hydration Primer
GOSH Velvet Touch Primer
No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation 'Calico'
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 'Ivory'
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 'Fair'
MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural 'Light'
Benefit Browzings 'Dark'
Bourjois Liner Clubbing 'Ultra Black'
Avon Infinitize Mascara
Bourjois Blush '34 Rose d'Or (Rose Gold)'
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Pencil 'Black Tulip'
Rimmel x Kate Moss Matte Lipstick '107'

With not having to drive to work anymore and being able to get there in less than 5 minutes, I actually have time to spend doing nice eye make up. However, every day I end up some how rushing around and actually having no time to do what I want on my face so this usually ends up how I look most days. It seems a lot of products to say I'm in a rush but I can get all this on my face in about 10/15 minutes if needs be.

Just moisturise and prime the skin then using a Buffing Brush for foundation and an Expert Face Brush to blend in concealer under my eyes (Wake Me Up) and on blemishes (Lasting Perfection). Then a quick fill of any sparse bits of the brow, I don't really need to spend time of shaping as the beloved fringe hides the fact that they really need plucking. Quick slick of eyeliner; generally no time to wing anything out as I can guarantee one will go wrong or I'll sneeze and it'll be all over my face. Then it's mascara time. Not a huge fan of this Avon one but it's nice just for everyday and not over the top lashes. And then I dust over some Mineralised Skin Finish where I'm a bit shiny and then do my lips. I haven't worn this colour in so long as it doesn't feel very summery but I have reignited my love for it. Then I realised I had about 30 seconds before I would be late so I just swiped a little bit of blush from a Bourjois Little Pot of Blush on my cheeks for a very subtle bit of colour.

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