22 August 2014


I love beauty bloggers. I love reading their opinions, seeing new launches and swatches and how they look after their skin and apply makeup. I'm in nowhere near the standard of some of those guys, this is just a bit of fun for me. But those beauty bloggers are the biggest enablers around - so I guess, blogging is essentially doing it's job!

My Bloglovin and YouTube subscription list is full of the people who only have to say one good thing in a very short amount of time and I'm straight down the shops. So here's my pick of  Beauty Blogger Enabled Purchases...

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil has very quickly becoming a massive favourite in the beauty world. I think I first read about it on Kate's blog, gh0stparties and she raved it to the high heavens. And then Amelia got in on the action. I was already loving practically everything The Body Shop have on offer and a cleansing oil for £10?! SOLD. I bloody love this stuff. It dissolves all my makeup so quickly and then just a quick rinse off with a face cloth and done.

No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define "Coffee Bean" is a pretty recent addition. A load of the big guns in the beauty world were talking about their love for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar which, looks beautiful and something I will just have to dream of... but then Alix from I Covet Thee did a post about this dupe by No7. I am in love with this. It is so creamy and blends like a dream. I sometime use it just to line the lash line but mostly I sweep it across the lid and blend it all out until it looks somewhat decent. They have a few other shades but I'm all about browns and nudes.

Sigma E25 Blending Brush. Where or where had this been all my life? That bloody Emma Pickles could sell me anything. Now I just need to hire her to do my face for me. This brush is the best thing for eyeshadow. It blends everything so quickly and easily. I did used to use a MAC 217 but I found it a little scratchy. This is super soft and it washes really well too.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer was a purchase enabled by the lovely Lily Pebbles. She's compared it to the Bobbi Brown corrector though I have never actually tried that. This has two concealer shades - one for under eyes, one for blemishes - and a setting powder. I only use the peachy shade for under my eyes and oh my gosh, it is wonderful! I actually have a full post written about concealers which will hopefully be going up soon so check back because I talk about this more in that!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets brought to me by the biggest enabler of them all... Miss ViviannaDoesMakeup. Anna could quite literally sell me sawdust if she tried. I saw a few other bloggers talk about these when they were released but I was all "oh another liquid lipstick. I don't need that. I will be good." and I was doing very well but then Anna had to go and buy them and then all of a sudden I had 3... I have blogged about the red shade 'Hot Pepper' here.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation another product with massive beauty blogger love. I remember Sammi from BeautyCrush talking about this all the time but it was mainly Anna and Lily again who enabled this. I was always initially put off because "sheer" and "glow" are two words I do not want from my foundation. The coverage is actually quite medium and very buildable. As for the finish, it's definitely not dewy but not completely matte which is perfect for what I want. Quite a similar finish to L'Oréal's True Match actually.

Nuxe Reve de Miel has been a little lifesaver for me this year and it's all down to that EssieButton. Esteé is probably a very close runner up to Anna in the Biggest Enabler category. At first I was all "who would pay almost £10 for a LIP BALM?!" but oh boy... SO worth it. My lips have never been in better condition. Side note, it smells a little like chocolate orange which makes everything even better.

Esteé was also the person behind the Stila Convertible Colour "Poppy". I don't actually know if she has this shade but I remember the other year she talked about them all the time. I was in Boots a little while back and I'd never noticed we even had a Stila stand but we do, I saw it, I bought it, I love it. It's very pigmented and a beautiful colour. I may need more...

Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Face Mask was also an Esteé (goddammit Esteé!) purchase with a little help from Lily Melrose. My skin is just horrendous right now. It's getting me very down, to be honest. This mask has helped me out a little. I generally use it once a week to help drag out all those nasties from my pores. I do like the texture of this mask but I don't know if it's actually clearing up my blemishes...

Finally, Vichy Normaderm Night Detox was enabled by Skincare Queen, Caroline Hirons. This was literally the biggest impulse buy of my life. I was watching one of Caroline's videos with Ruth and she mentioned this whilst talking about adult acne and such and I was on the Escentual website so fast! I don't know that I've seen an awful lot of difference yet but I am taking medication for my skin at the moment so I think that may be having some effect on things. But I really like the texture and how it feels on the skin so watch this space...

There is honestly so many more blogger enabled purchases. Probably about 90% of everything I own beauty-wise but these are some of my favourites.
Who enables you the most? Or do you have more self restrain..?!


  1. Lily, Anna and Essie are definitely my top 3 enablers and Amelia comes a close second! xx


  2. It's so true beauty bloggers whether they have a million subscribers or a few hundred are all enablers to me. The Body Shop Camomile Oil, Nuxe Reve de Miel & NARS Sheer Glow Foundation are at the top of my next purchase beauty list x

    Beauty with charm


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