18 December 2014


Whether we admit it or not, I think it's fair to say that appearance draws us to things. This is applicable to all areas of life and blogs are no exception. I bet if someone asked who your favourite blogs are, they'll be the ones that have a clear layout and great photos (as well as well written content but that's secondary to appearance, initially.)
You see bloggers talking about how to take better photos and improve the overall blog appearance but truth is, we don't all have these big fancy cameras, a couple of light boxes and a huge white room with tonnes of natural daylight to be able to achieve this.
My blog photos aren't great, I know this. BUT I recently discovered a little trick which is especially useful at this time of the year when we get about 40 minutes of actual daylight...

THE IPHONE TORCH... Who'd have thought it, eh?!

I don't know how or why I decided to do this but I put the torch on and kind of hold it level with my camera above the products and it just prevents the flash going off. I realise the obvious response is "turn the flash off" but I'm not good at camera and that always makes the photos look even worse.
This obviously isn't the best solution but it's something and if you struggle for light and things in your blog photos, you may find it useful.
I guess you could always get an actual torch or two as well and prop them around the products to photo. Who needs big light boxes?!

Do you have any other budget-friendly photography tips?


  1. Whenever I need to take photos for my blog I usually sit by a window, snatching those 40 minutes of daylight! Or... I use instagram. Upload it so I can get the filtered image and then delete it. Sneaky.


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