28 December 2014


I don't tend to do monthly favourites but I do enjoy seeing everyones end of year favourites. I've put together my favourite things from beauty and skincare to films and music so let's do this!

Well let us start with beauty then...

I have reviewed a lot of these products already so I'll save repeating myself and direct you to those but this year my face erupted. My skin just decided it would make me suffer. My spots got huge and my face got so painful that I ended up just sitting in bed crying so something definitely needed changing. I read lots of Caroline Hirons writings and learnt about acid toning and so I welcomed the Pixi Glow Tonic into my life. (Review here.) I also started using the Body Shop's Aloe Calming Cleanser. I had previously used some of their Tea Tree range but I found it started to feel too harsh on my skin so they recommended I try the Aloe range. I feel that since using this cleanser my skin calmed down hugely. The Body Shop's Camomile Cleanser is probably my most favourite discovery of the year and I've not even properly posted about it before! I use this to remove my makeup and you only need two pumps for the whole face and the makeup just dissolves away. I've even tried it with waterproof mascara and it gets rid amazingly well. The camomile also leaves beautifully soft skin too.
Make up wise I discovered L'Oréal's True Match Foundation and this has been in pretty much every FOTD post since I bought it. There is a full Unsung Hero review here. But it actually matches my ghost skin, has great coverage, lasts well and is a great price. What more do you need?
Favourite lip releases this year were hands down the Rouge Edition Velvets from Bourjois. I told myself for so long I would not cave and buy one. But I did. And it lasted all day long... so I bought more. They're matte but they're not drying in the slightest and once they're on the lips they can last a day of eating a drinking no problemo!
Another Bourjois product I have repurchased a few times is their Volume 1 Seconde Mascara. I have got a review planned for this but I haven't posted yet! But it gives INSTANT volume and length and it's brilliant! I never usually repurchase the same mascara but this is an absolute dream.
Finally beauty related product is relatively new to my life but it's the original Chloé perfume. I had a sample a while back and loved it. It's not my typical scent which is usually fruity but more sophisticated and classy. Then one day I found myself in Boots and had so many points on my card that it didn't end up costing me anything! The bottle is beautiful and I try to restrict myself to 2 or 3 squirts and only on special occasions but it's so beautiful!

I have actually been documenting my skin progression for about 6 months now. I may post something next year but I don't know if I have enough self confidence yet to post it. If you'd like to see it though, please let me know.

I go to the cinema quite a lot. I bloody love going to see films. (EE, I'm very upset you are getting rid of Orange Wednesdays) But I can't say I was completely blown away with everything I saw this year though there have been 4 films that I loved a lot. Back in April I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel directed by Wes Anderson. I've never seen any of his films before but I know about his style and that it was perhaps a little strange. I only realsied after I got home how much I really loved it. The cast were brilliant, it all looked amazing and I'm glad it seems to be getting recognition for this years awards season.
Another film tipped to do well in award nominations is The Imitation Game. This film hit me hard. I didn't really know anything about the story of Alan Turing before. The film is still relatively new so i won't spoil anything but I cried a lot. When it finished I just sat there and cried for a little bit... Benedict Cumberbatch did an incredible portrayal and I hope he get recognition for it.
Gone Girl got turned into a movie this year. I read the book on holiday and I got so hooked into it so I was super excited for the film. They did a really good job and Rosamund Pike was perfect. I think my only problem was I saw the film too soon after reading so I didn't get to feel all the intensity that was probably intended.
Finally if you didn't get chance to see Pride you really must. Set during the miner's strike in the 80's, a group of gay and lesbian activist tried to raise money and awareness for the miners. The cast are incredible (Bill Nighy is even in it!) and the script is wonderful. I may have even had a little cry at this one too...

I'm so looking forward to films in 2015. Particularly The Theory of Everything (which I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for.) and Into The Woods.

This year I finally got new albums from Jamie T and Lily Allen and they have made me very happy. It's be so long since the previous from them both. I feel like all of Jamie T's albums are very different but they're all so good and I can just listen to every track without wanting to skip any. My favourites are "Zombie" and "Peter". Same for Lily Allen too. I was so upset when she said she wouldn't make any more music so I was delighted when she announced 'Sheezus'. Her lyrics are just so truthful with some sass and... GAH. I love her. Favourites are "Hard Out Here", "Insincerely Yours" and "L8 CMMR".
I don't know why I bought Foxes album. I had heard nothing about her and I just clicked on a song on Spotify, loved it and bought it from iTunes straight away. This is such a good album! It's upbeat and happy and easy listening music. My favourites are "Let Go For Tonight" and the live version of "Clarity" that is on there.
Ed Sheeran finally released new music this year and I must have listened to it approximately 386490740 times whilst on holiday. Definitely doesn't disappoint and lives up to the hype following the first album. Favourite tracks are "Don't" and "Nina".
I feel I should also mention the Royal Blood album is really very good. I like to put it on when I'm trying to power on through a load of work.

And finally favourite TV shows...

Orange Is The New Black... why can't you just be on all the time. I watched season 1 around this time last year so I only had to wait 6 months for season 2. Then I watched all that in a weekend and then realisation hit that I then had to wait a whole year for more. If you haven't watched it then sign up to Netflix and WATCH IT. The women in it are all so different and diverse but none of the qualities that makes them different is their main ~selling point and they don't play on that to make a story or plot. It's so difficult to pick a favourite character. It's based on real life and I read the book this year and it's really fascinating and definitely worth a read.
Now not new shows at all but with my Netflix obsession I binged watched a lot of shows. For some reason I never got round to watching The IT Crowd or Outnumbered and I wish I hadn't left it so long because they are fantastic. I love good British comedies and these are just my sense of humour.
Finally this year I let myself become obsessed with Gogglebox. For ages I thought it was a stupid idea and then I watched it and now I'm hooked. There's something about watching people watch tv that I just can't get enough of!

Phew! DONE.

What have been you favourite products/films/music/tv of this year?


  1. I loooove the IT Crowd and Outnumbered, possibly two of my favourite all-time shows!! And Ed Sheeran's album was one of the best albums of 2014 in my opinion, great post!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  2. I'm curious to try the Pixi Glow Tonic - it's definitely something i might looking into soon.

    I recently watched Orange is the New Black and got hooked on it, im looking forward to the next series to come out and Ed Sheeran's album is amazing, i didnt think he'd be able to top his last one!

    Great favourites :)
    Natalie xx

  3. I've been meaning to try Pixi Glow Tonic for ages now! Love all of your favourites!
    Lucy x


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