12 December 2014


Last week I brought you some beautiful dresses fit for the party season so this week I thought if you're still panicking and trying to find the perfect shoes to match, here are some of my favourites out there at the moment.

Whenever I need to wear heels I always wear the same pair I got from Dorothy Perkins 3 years ago. I'm so awful at walking in heels and those ones have a chunky heel and an ankle strap so they make my life easier. And they're black so they go with everything.

We all like to buy a new pair of shoes whenever we can think of reason to, whether it be a posh party or you passed an exam or you just had a good eyeliner day... Anyone?
I think with heels it's important to buy a pair that is going to go with more than one outfit and that you will get wear out of over and over again, though. So it may be best to stick to quite simple ones and ones that are never going to look "out of date". You can't beat the classic heeled court shoe á la Missguided and nude is one of those colours that goes with everything too. Black and nude are really your best bet here. When you go out purposefully looking for shoes to match a pre-existing outfit, you literally just won't find them. Keep it simple!
Having said that, the Dorothy Perkins shoes (5) have a glitter sole just to add a bit of something-something for the party season!

Hope these might have pointed you in the right direction if you've been struggling to find something for your Christmas parties or New Years Eve celebrations.

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