13 December 2014


I know everyone on the beauty blogging scene has already raved the new beauty book by Sali Hughes but I thought I'd thrown in my two cents...

Sali Hughes is a beauty journalist who has a weekend column in The Guardian (which is also very good and you should definitely have a read) and Pretty Honest is her first book.

Pretty Honest is half advice book about literally everything beauty and half autobiography-type book with Sali including about her own experiences and life to add a more personal touch. The book is split in to small chapters and covers everything from teenager skincare to how to find the right foundation to which products you don't need to dealing/coping with beauty counter staff.
I really love Sali's style of writing and it sounds like she's just having a casual chat with a friend but, at the same time giving solid and useful advice. I've picked up so many tips since reading it.

Aesthetically, the book is beautiful. The cover is fabricated (thought easy to get goddamn finger marks on, grrr!), the photography throughout is stunning and it's one of those beautiful coffee table books. I also really love the little quotes before each chapter.
I've completely devoured this book page to page but it's laid out so well that if I ever need a reminder on anything or my skin changes and I need quick advice, I'll be able to find what I need straight away!

The RRP is £22 which may seem expensive but it is worth it. I actually managed to get it for half price on Amazon so definitely have a search around before you buy but I can't recommend it enough. I'm looking forward to my little niece getting older so I can pass it on to her. I would have loved to have known some of Sali's tips back when I was a teenager!

Have any of you read this book or are you going to now?

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