20 December 2014


Hurray! Another The Body Shop blogger event organised by the lovely Rachelle at the Preston store. Crazy that it's been a year since the first Christmas event! It was so lovely to see Rachelle and Claire again and also meet Lily.

And obviously I didn't leave empty handed. How could I when The Body Shop let us have such generous discounts?!

The store was laid out as beautifully as ever making me want to buy everything. I definitely have to go back for that Red Musk perfume after Christmas. It is so lovely!

I just did a restock on the Camomile Cleansing Oil and the Aloe Calming Cleanser as my current ones are getting low. I also repurchased the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. I had this last year and it really helped with blackheads but I never got round to repurchasing it but I've noticed a load of blackheads around my nose lately so hoping this helps again!
I then got the Glazed Apple Shower Gel. Glazed Apple is one of this years Christmas scents and... UGH SO GOOD.
And because I definitely needed a new makeup brush I got the Eyeshadow Blending Brush. It's so soft and the one I have at the moment has started feeling a bit scratchy. Not cool.

AND THEN, we even got a little present wrapped up. It was the Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix. You mix the powder with the serum and use it before moisturiser for 10 days to boost the skins radiance. I'm excited to try this as I don't think it's something I would have picked up normally.

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