15 December 2014


Four years ago I was washing my hair every single day as well as drying and straightening it and I was dying it around every 6 weeks. I used to dye it purple for a while but it didn't stay intense for more than 2 weeks so I used to re-dye all the time before dying it dark brown.
This all resulted in my hair not being in all that great condition. I had a head full of split ends and as I had faux-dark hair, the little white ends were so noticeable and it was quite frankly disgusting.

One day I just decided that I'd abused my hair for long enough and it was time to fix it. I've FINALLY got to a point were I really like how it looks and it's in good condition but it was a very very long process...

First step in training my hair to not need all the bad things I was giving it, was to stop dying it. I considered dying it my natural colour but I'd been dying it for so many years that I couldn't actually remember what colour it should be... (my eyebrows are much darker than my hair.) So I decided to just let it all grow out. This was not fun. My roots looked so bad and it just kept looking worse and worse. My hair eventually got to a point were it grew long enough that the "roots" looked like I'd ombréd my hair. Though, I hated it looking like this but everyone else seemed to think I'd done it purposely and liked it. It was only a few months ago that I finally got all the dyed parts of my hair cut out.

I also grew out all the layers that I had in constantly as a teenager which was also a lengthy process. As I mentioned, I had a lot of split ends so my hairdresser said the best thing to do would be one appointment trim the length of my hair and the next one trim the layers until they eventually join to the same length. I did end up chopping a good 7 inches off my hair in summer so this speeded the process but still took time. Once them split ends are gone, your hair instantly looks much healthier though.

The hardest part for me was trying to train my hair to not need washing everyday and also behave without straightening everyday. I used to think my hair needed everyday washing t stop it going greasy but now I wash it 3 times a week and I honestly don't know how I could ever be bothered doing it every single day! The first month or so I just hated everything! I pretty much blasted every inch of my head with dry shampoo because I was so worried it was looking greasy.
I then had to try learn to like my natural hair. Word of advice kids, if you have almost straight hair to begin with, don't straighten it!!
I did this and now I have wavy hair. At this point when I washed my hair and then dried it, I had frizzy hair. I decided to ditch the hairdryer and let my hair dry naturally and I had to cut back on the straighteners. The hair drying was fine as it turns out my hair dried in around 1-2 hours. The straighteners... that was hard. It was too crazy at first to ditch completely so I had to just curl odd sections to make it look like I'd done the style on purpose but now I roll out of bed, comb my fringe in to place (with the odd straightener use here) and then I'm done!
I've straightened my whole head less than 5 times since I started all this and I look so different when I do.
With the washing I realised that washing it everyday was not actually doing me any good. Washing every day strips the hair of the natural oils it produces and needs. By washing them out the hair tries to create more oils and faster which is why it seems hair gets greasy every day. I honestly never get greasy hair anymore and I can even get to three day hair if needs be!

I've never been into hair products as such but there are a few things I like to use. For most washes I just use whatever shampoo and conditioner that is in the bathroom - usually some kind of Tresemmé - but on a Sunday I like a full on head to toe pamper. I use the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo. This is only meant for a once a week use as it is a detoxifying shampoo that does an intense scalp and head clean to get rid of all the product and dirt that may be in your hair that normal shampoo misses (mine is usually dry shampoo that I used instead of washing in the first place... ahem.) It's about £3.50 but lasts FOREVER and your hair feels so CLEAN afterwards.
I then use the Tresemmé Breakage Defence Deep Conditioner. I grab a small handful and massage it through the lengths of my hair and then leave it for about 10 minutes before rinsing out. Oh boy do you get soft hair from this!
The last product I like to use and what I think it the main reason my hair ended up looking so healthy is hair oil. I used to use the Argan Oil brand but I've recently bought the L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and OH MY GOD. If you want shiny mermaid hair then you need this. It's not at all greasy, feels so light and you get the shiny-est and softest hair ever!

So now it's four years later, my hair is healthy and in great condition - my hairdresser always tells me! I don't get split ends, I never dry my hair, I never dye it and I only use straighteners occasionally. I tend to do my fringe most days but that is only about 3 strokes so I think that's okay! It dries without me needing to do anything to it afterwards. I now only even brush my hair after it's been washed!

If you're worried about the condition of your hair and are wanting to change it, know that it is a very long journey but so worth it!

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