21 December 2014


I've been posting on this blog for a little over two years now (well, it's more like 4/5 but the first couple of years all got (stupidly?) deleted...) I digress...
I thought it would be pretty fun to see how the blog has changed and grown up over the last two years and how writing style and content differs.

My very first post in September 2012 was a "what's in my makeup bag?" post... and boy, how time does indeed change! I speak about how I've only recently been loving makeup and everything that is in that post is everything that I owned then. Now, it definitely will not fit into one bag!

I still do a "best of London Fashion Week" post and the first one on this blog was Spring/Summer 2013 and I bloody loved this season! Seems I had a hard time narrowing things down...

Remember when I used to post "Dress Like..." celebrity posts?! I must do one of these again! I love putting them together so if you have any requests then do let me know. My first, and most popular one that still gets so many views each week(!), is the gorgeous Kat Dennings. You can see more "Dress Like..." posts here.

So these were my December Favourites two years ago and I actually still use most of these! I don't buy the No7 Cleansing Water just because I prefer taking makeup off with oil now. And I prefer moisturiser and foundation by different brands but everything else I still use. Though the photos are making me realise it might be time for a new Tangle Teezer... didn't realise how grim mine is until I saw how it was..!

Makeup hauls... Nope, nothing has changed here so I think we should just swiftly move on. (I may or may not have a teeny Superdrug haul for next week...)

My very first make-up collection. Wow. This was almost two years ago and it's safe to say it has very much expanded since. And I don't even really use most of those products anymore! (also, those photos are a bit shocking. Sorry.)

I also still do my Oscars/MET Gala favourite looks. Here is the MET Gala's 2013 best dressed list from when the theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture and Anne Hathaway has a blonde cropped hair do and looked INCREDIBLE.

And a nice way to finish off is with my first blogger meet up. We had this in Preston almost two years ago(!) and we went to a couple of the local boutiques and the most amazing cupcake shop and it was lovely. Met some lovely girls who I get to see occasionally at other meets and it's always nice to catch up with everyone. It's so nice to have a little blogging community in the north as everything was very London-based for so long.

Hoped you liked this different kind of post!

Remember I've been blogging all month and there's still another 10 more to go!

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  1. Loved this post sweet I love looking back over all my old posts! xx



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