9 December 2014


It's no secret how much I love lipstick and bright, bold colours at that. (Though, I admitted my nude lip love affair last week...) I do wear dark and berry reds pretty much all year but in the colder months it just feels right. Here are my top 5 lipsticks I reach for in the Winter...

Now let's see if I can actually describe these to convince you they aren't all the same colour...

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets launched this year and I have a few of the brighter shades but this is "Grand Cru" and is a burgundy red colour. I love the formula of these. They last forever! They go on as a liquid lipstick and then dry so quickly to leave a mate finish but they're not drying at all. I know right... magic!
My favourite MAC lipstick I own is Rebel which is a Satin finish so it has a slight sheen to it. The colour looks totally different on the lips to in the bullet. It's kind of a fuchsia-purpley colour. Really selling that... But it is beautiful on, I promise. (I'm wearing it in this post.)
My favourite lipstick of all time, though, is the Rimmel x Kate Moss Matt lipstick in 107. I remember seeing this on the counters and my local Superdrug had them out a day before the launch day and this was the one I picked. It then ended up being the one that everyone and their dog raves. It's so beautiful though. It's the perfect dark, berry red and suits this time of year wonderfully. Again, it's matte but not drying in the slightest.
A relatively new purchase for me is the L'Oréal Color Riche in "Blake's Pure Red" that I reviewed here. This is a true red whereas all the others here are dark reds. I just love this though. Once again, another non-drying matte and it lasts for a long time too.
Final one I've picked is from the hugely popular Rimmel Apocolips range. This is the shade "304 Eclipse" and it's actually incredibly similar to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. It has a bit more of a sheen than that one and I don't find it lasts quite as long but the colour is near identical. The Rimmel is a few quid cheaper too and I really like the Apocolips range. The applicator is really good. It has a kind of dip in it that he product collects in so you don't end up going overboard.

They are the colours I'll be wearing a lot over the next few months. What are your favourite winter shades?

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