26 December 2014


I hope you all had great days yesterday doing whatever you got up up to. Yesterday's post was a little more serious and if you didn't see it then you can click here.

But on to today... Let me guess - yesterday you ate a lot of food, perhaps had a few glasses of wine and completely demolished a tin of Celebrations? As well as getting about 5 hours sleep? Feeling good today? Possibly not.
Well, let me talk you through a mini Boxing Day pamper routine...

Some people like to spend Boxing Day rummaging the sales. I say you are crazy! Far too many people and to be honest, the deals are never any good these days.
We usually just stay inside, eat even more and watch the likes of Willy Wonka and Gremlins.

I've put together a few skincare and makeup products to help you feel refreshed and awake from the previous day's activities.
So for incorporating into your skincare routine in the morning use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist. I use this every morning anyway but it's just rosewater and feels so fresh. It's hydrating and just a nice little "wake me up" in a morning. You could also use a quick face mask in the morning and I'd recommend Sanctuary Spa's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. This is one of those masks that warms up on the skin. Five minutes really is all you need as well and it just pulls out the nasties from your pores and when you rinse it off you can just tell your face looks and feels cleaner.
Then if it was a late night, eye cream may be your friend today. I like Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream. It is quite a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. It feels very cooling so great for puffy, red  (maybe hungover) eyes and it's also quite a brightening eye cream too so will make you seem more awake than you are!

If you do get dressed on Boxing Day and want to put on a bit of makeup then I think you just need 3 products to give that "I woke up fresh as a daisy" look. First concealer - I use Soap & Glory's Kick Ass Concealer. This is great as it has two shades - one for under eyes and one for blemishes. The blemish shade doesn't really work for my skin tone but the peachy one for under eyes is amazing! There's also a setting powder in the compact too!
Then add a touch of pink blush to the apples of the cheeks to give the skin a little colour and glow. I like Revlon's cream blush in Charmed. This shade suits everyone and a cream formula is going to be best as it's quick and easy to blend in to the skin to give it a natural flush finish.
Finally, a simple lip colour. I chose Revlon's Matte Balm in Elusive. These are great! The colour range is fab, they have great pigmentation and easy to use. Especially with a light shade like this you don't need to be spending ages lining the lips and blotting to make sure it's perfect.

There we go! You'll fool anyone into thinking you are awake.

Now go and eat the rest of the Quality Streets...

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