25 December 2014


I didn't want to do a proper beauty related post today as it seems a little pointless. I originally wrote out a post about it being okay to not like Christmas and not to go after those people with metaphorical pitchforks. Which is still true, it is okay to not like Christmas. In our house, Christmas is just like any other day. We sit together, watch films, play games and eat loads. I like that, and by not having tinsel there doesn't make it less valid.

But then I thought I could be using this space to raise awareness instead of spreading what could be interpreted as negativity. We all know that this time a year is for giving but it's also a time of year when we suddenly don't have any spare cash at all as we left everything to the last minute. That being said, I am so uncomfortable with gifts. I like to give people presents but receiving is hard. I don't really get why we do presents... anyway, going off on tangents once again!
I'd much rather people gave their money to people who actually deserve it and need it.

I give money to two charities every month - Alzheimer's Society and Mind. They're both very close to my heart. If you can spare any money and actually want to it'd be so lovely if you could send them, or any charity at all, a little gift today and I'm sure it's going to be appreciated more than they could say.
Also, blood donations are needed more than ever this time of year. I have given blood a few times but for medical reasons, I'm no longer allowed to give. If you are healthy and able to give blood then you really should consider it. Their website tells you were is nearest to you.

I really hope you all have the loveliest day and I hope you're with the people you love.
And if you do have to be alone today, you can use the hashtag #joinin on Twitter. There's more information here.


Disclaimer: it should go without saying that nobody has asked me or paid me to talk about these charities. I just wanted to post about them because they deserve attention and donations more than I do.

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