8 December 2014


I've got an excited review today for you in the shape of the new Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette.

Urban Decay are notorious for doing incredible eyeshadow palette and the Naked range has a cult following - and with good reason. My first dip into the Naked world was with the Naked Basics a year or so back. It's got 6 shades that all work beautifully together and it's very travel sized friendly. I then saw the Naked 3, fell in love and hit "buy now" without thinking about anything. So very glad I did. I've never owned the Naked 1 or 2 but I love this palette. The packaging is beautiful and the shades even more so. A year after it's release and I'm still as in love with it.

The latest Naked launch is the On The Run palette and as with Naked 3, I saw a photo, went to the website and added it to the shopping cart so fast that I wasn't even sure what I did...

Now where to even start?!

First of all the packaging... a sort of rose gold plastic, magnetic shutting case that is small enough for travelling. And that mirror is HUGE.
It houses 5 new eyeshadow shades, a highlighter, bronzer and blusher as well as a full size Naked lipgloss in Sesso, a travel size of one of their 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil's in Stag and a travel size of the Perversion mascara. All that for £37 - the same price as the 12 shadow Naked palettes and £15 more than the Naked Basic palettes. So for an extra £15 you get a blush, bronzer, lipgloss, eye pencil and mascara!

The eyeshadows themselves are all so wearable which makes a palette so much more appealing. I hate when there's just one or two colours you know you can't make work or will never use. These all work so well together. They all have the lovely buttery texture as UD shadows do. They blend easily too. And with 3 shimmers and 2 matte shades, there's pretty much everything you need here.
The blush is really pigmented so you only need a light hand but it's a super pretty colour that will suit all skin tones. I'm not a big bronzer user but I've used and liked this a few times. It's matte so you could use as a contour but it may be a little too warm toned. Just dust some on the temples and a tiny bit under the cheek bones is lovely. The highlighter I've been using on my cheekbones, the inner eye corner and even as a based colour all over the lid. It's not to shimmery so you can't really go over board. It just adds a nice little sheen to the skin.
I'm not a huge lipgloss lover so I'm not getting much use out of this to be honest. It is a very nice neutral colour and not too sticky either. I just really don't like the feel of lipgloss on my lips! i may donate it to a friend or sister instead.
These 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils have had rave reviews for so long. I've always heard that they just don't budge and I have to agree. I don't usually wear pencil liners but I really like this. The colour is kind of a dark chocolate brown and the texture is so creamy and I thought that maybe it would just wipe away but nope! It sets and stays. It's been a nice change to wear brown liner instead of black too - gives a much softer look.
Finally, the mascara... at first I wasn't sure. It claims to give "Bigger. Blacker. Badder." lashes and on first use I thought they didn't look any different to most other mascaras but I actually really like it now. It gives pretty, fluttery lashes. Not sure it really adds a tonne of volume or length but it's a great little everyday mascara.

So there we have it! I'm so impressed with this palette. It has everything in it, looks beautiful and is so convenient.
Have you got this? Do you like it? Or is it not on the wishlist?


  1. This palette looks amazing. I love Urban Decay, it's definitely one of my favourite brands! x


  2. I love urban decay and have 3 of their palettes already, love the look of this one too xx



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