10 December 2014


Yesterday I posted my top 5 lip colours so today is the time to give a run down of my favourite winter nail shades. I'm a huge lover of dark nails all year round. My inner Wednesday Addams wants black nails at all times but I've had people in the past judge me for that in Summer... pssh! So it seems to be deemed more acceptable when it's cold to have dark nails. I tried to make this a top 5 but I cheated and did 6. I just couldn't decide.

See, I said I like dark colours...

Alright so first up is the Rimmel X Kate Moss Salon Pro in "711 Punk Rock". Rimmel are brilliant for nails anyway but these Salon Pro colours and the formula are wonderful. The brush is great too. This is quite a muted purple with some grey undertone. You can quite easily get away with one coat and it last for ages too. The bottle says 10 days but I'm not sure it's that long, but longer than the average polish.
Some more Rimmel ones but this time from their 60 Seconds range. Again, great formulas and brushes and they really are speedy driers. These are just standard grey and black but it has proven quite difficult to find the perfect grey and an actually opaque black. These are brilliant and so cheap too.
A couple of Barry M ones now and we all know Barry M nails are great too. The first is Red Black which is a supposed dupe for Chanel's Rouge Noir. I've had this for soooo long. I've never finished a nail colour before but this is certainly on it's way out. You need a couple of coats to get the colour to look as it does in the bottle but it's lovely. It's quite similar to the Rimmel x Kate Moss 107 lipstick actually!
The other Barry M looks a bit out of place but this is from their Gelly Hi-Shine range (which is fabulous!) and is Lychee. This is my favourite nude and as with the colours of this range it's super shiny. And I know I've just been harping on about dark nails for cold months but there's something about nude nails in winter that I just love! Anyone else get that?
The final shade I've picked is actually a very new addition to my collection and is from Soigné (don't ask me how to pronounce that...) I heard about them through Birchbox and they had a 50% sale recently so I bought a few shades. The packaging is super sleek and the colours are beautiful. They apply well and last so long. The dark colours only need one coat too! This is in the shade Figue and is quite similar to Barry M's Mushroom (which I love!) but Mushroom maybe a touch lighter. It's just a standard brown, again with a slight grey undertone, that just looks so classy on the nails.

What are your favourite winter shades? Any the same as me?



  1. I love Barry M Red Black, it's one of my favourites :) x


    1. I had forgtten about it before I did this post! Glad I rediscovered x


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