19 December 2014


One product that seems to have had a good year is the eyeshadow stick. Sounds peculiar but is actually genius.

Eyeshadow sticks just make the whole "lazy person that wants to wear makeup" thing so much easier. Draw on the eyelid and leave it bold, or you can draw on a couple lines on the lower half of the lid and use your finger or a brush to blend out for a softer look and then you're done! If you have more time then they're great bases as once they've set, they tend to just not budge all day.

Basically, Somebody decided to take eyeshadow, put it in the easiest to use form (cream, obv), then put that in a stick so you can literally just colour in with it.
Let's all just take a moment to thank that person.

Okay, done? Let's have a look at that ones I have and enjoy...

First there's the Rimmel x Kate Moss Eyeshadow Stick in 100 Rose Gold. Admittedly, I am just a Kate Moss fangirl and I heard Rimmel were adding more to their collaboration with her but the colours they brought out of the eyeshadow sticks weren't the most wearable everyday shades. This is probably the most wearable but I do find it difficult to make look right as it's a bit too on the orange side. Sometimes I just put a little under the lower lash line. I think the colour is too pale to be across my whole eyelid however, they do last a while and blend very nicely.

My favourite is the No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define in Coffee Bean. I have spoken about this before here. It's the perfect shade to wear with every look. It's pigmented so you can wear it bolder but it's so creamy and easy to blend out to make a much softer look. I like to wear this over the lid softly hen use a normal shadow swiped through the crease for a bit of definition. So simple and quick! I need to get more colours of these...

I didn't know whether to put the Barbara Daly Long Wear Eyeshadow's in here as I think they are actually now discontinued as they Barbara Daly range has had a little make over with new products and packaging. BD make up is found in Tesco and I saw these on the reduced stand which had all the old packaging products on. Nevertheless, I have still seen them recently in my local store so they may still be out there. I have Black Marble and Bronze Gold. These two actually work quite well together and they're pretty similar in texture and being easy to blend as the No7 one. I put Bronze Gold all over the lid then Black Marble a tiny bit on the outer corner and blend it a little inwards and upwards through the crease.

The last one isn't strictly an eyeshadow stick but it is technically eyeshadow and it's in a stick(?!.. tube) but it's actually a liquid eyeshadow... (even more peculiar, huh?) This is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint in Rich Russet and I bloody love this! It has a slight hint of shimmer so it is beautiful on it's own or using as a base shadow. But boy, this stuff sets quickly and then you pretty much need a chisel to get it off. (Slight exaggeration... cleansing oil will get rid but you get the metaphor...) So long lasting that it's perfect for when you know you will be out all day and will be going straight out in the evening and don't have time to reapply makeup.

Do you like the eyeshadow sticks? Are there any others that I should try?


  1. I have a gold shimmer one from ELF and I'm in love with it. It's makes an amazing base which really makes the colour stand out.

  2. I use a scandaleyes eye shadow crayon in bootleg brown and it's a really basic matte brown which is nice for under the eyes but it's not the easiest to blend, i may have to try out some of these - nice post!

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