6 December 2014


Hands up... Who's ever taken a 5 minute recharge break, decided to have a browse on Pinterest and then the next thing you know you're three hours older?
I am so guilty. I open the app on my phone and then just mindless scroll and repin all the pretty things until someone snaps me out of my trance.

In case you aren't aware, Pinterest is a kind of social media site based around images. Think of it as a more sophisticated Tumblr.
It's great for getting inspiration for literally anything from hairstyles to interior design to where tog o travelling. Full of how to guides and photos that quite frankly make you ooze jealousy.

I mainly use Pinterest for lusting over other people's homes and their beautiful minimalist decor, beauty tutorials and drooling over people's body art. The latter is always so dangerous as I end up getting ink cravings so badly.
And then obviously I use it for the odd Ryan Gosling stalk. Ahem.

I don't really know what makes it quite so addictive but I have lost literally hours to this site and I don't regret any of it.

If you view my blog on a web browser (as opposed to mobile device/tablet) and hover over any image, it give you the option to pin straight from the blog! Not sure if it does work on other devices - it doesn't seem to on my iPad...

Some of my favourite people to follow, who post the most beautiful images and things I love the most are:

Let's Talk Beauty
Sprinkle of Glitter

If you're a Pinning Junkie, do leave me your links below. Or even your favourite pinners. I definitely need to follow more people.

And you can find me HERE.

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