23 December 2014


Eyebrows. The last year or two the beauty world has gone eyebrow crazy. With the influence of the likes of Cara Delevingne, eyebrows are back to being big and full which is wonderful for me as mine have always been quite bushy!

With the help of the lovely Benefit girls, they tamed my eyebrows into a lovely shape that I love. Luckily I never did the whole "plucking until there was just the thinnest possible line of hair" so they just needed a little tidying. Benefit, being the self confessed Brow Queens, do amazing brow products for defining, shaping and setting the brows and a few of which I have tried and have been using for a long time. And then I discovered a new release from Sleek a few months back.
Let's see how they compare...

Until very recently I was filling in my brows with Benefit's Brow-zings in Dark. The little compact comes with a powder to fill in, a wax for setting, a pair of tweezers, a blending brush and an angled brush. I never use the blending brush but I loved the angled brush. Unfortunately, I decided a while ago to wash the brush as it was looking grim and all the bristles just fell straight out... So now I use the Angled Brow Brush by Real Techniques. The powder is pigmented and you don't need a lot to fill in the sparse gaps. It's pretty pricey though at £23.50 however, I've had this for probably two years (probably too long..?) so it does last a while!

And then Sleek... I noticed this release and saw that it looked quite similar to the brow "crayons" by the likes of Hourglass and Anastasia. It has the waxy colour stick on one end and a spoolie on the other. I love hat it has the spoolie. It makes doing brows so much easier as everything you need is all together. The Brow-zings kit requires a little more effort. Price wise this comes in at £7.99 so a huge difference from Benefit. I have been using this now for around 5 months and I hardly ever use the Brow-zings now. This is so much more convenient and easy to use. It's waxy enough to get rid of mistakes but not so much that your whole brow is going to rub off! I do notice that the "crayon" doesn't last very long. Maybe 3 months or so but I really like it and this is now my third one so I think that tells you how much I like it regardless that it doesn't last all that long.

Have you tried either or both these products? Which is your favourite?

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