2 March 2014


The Body Shop has very quickly become one of my favourite high street stores. I've only really started using their products over the last six months but I have become a woman obsessed. My skin type is fairly normal most days with odd dry patch days but my main problem is blemishes. I've found since using their products my skin has really changed and is looking so much better.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner | Vitaim E Skin-In Moisture Mask | Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask | Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator | Pink Hair Chalk | Vitamin E Lip Care | Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil | Tea Tree Pore Minimiser | Vitamin E Cream Cleanser | Big & Curvy Mascara | Eye Definer Shade Black

I've spoken way too much about the Tea Tree Toner. Seriously, if you've got blemish prone skin then go and buy this. I cannot rave it enough. The other product from the Tea Tree range I have talked about here. I do tend to use it as a primer and I've still not made my mind up on it fully but it's so soothing on the skin that I just like using it to cool down the redness in a morning.
I got the Vitamin E Mask and Cleanser as well as the mascara and eyeliner as a free gift as I'd spent so much on other skin care.
I really like the cleanser and once I've used up the other cream cleansers I have on the go, I'll probably buy a full size of this. It doesn't look or feel greasy on the skin and it makes my face feel really soft. The mascara is amazing! I wasn't sold by looks as the brush looked a bit naff but if you are after a mascara that gives length, then this is it! It's a perfect lower lash mascara, which is what I tend to use it as. It is a little difficult to remove, I've found, though.
As for the eyeliner, I'm not a big kohl fan and so I can't really give this a proper review. I've used it to tightline a couple of times but I never put black pencil on my waterline to know how pigmented it is and how well it lasts.
The Serum-in-Oil is a new release and I was very intrigued by it. Serum is one of those steps in the skincare routine I never really bother with because it's pretty difficult to come across them in the drugstore. And then face oils is never anything that has really appealed to me before but I am a sucker for anything those beauty gurus say! It's pretty reasonable at £12 and I put it on at night and in the morning my skin feels SO GOOD. So plump and hydrated. I'm sorry skin for depriving you thus far in life.
I mentioned the other new release from The Body Shop, the hair chalks, in this post. They're really great for the price and work for dark hair like mine and it means I can have fairy hair whenever I like.
The final products I have are from the Seaweed range. I absolutely love this exfoliator. It isn't as harsh as a lot of exfoliators and my skin feels so smooth and clean after using this. And the last product is the Ionic Clay Mask. Now I'm sure there's a more scientific way of explaining this but basically a clay mask that you leave on for about 15 minutes and it pulls out all those nasties for your pores. So satisfying to wash off and see your skin looking great afterwards!

Do you love The Body Shop? What are your favourite products?

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  1. I own most of these products as I'm obsessed with The Body Shop! They're so good!



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