23 March 2014


I haven't done a wishlist post since last October! Crazy! So, seeing as I got a pay rise this week, let us change that...

Last time I bought a MAC lipstick I settled on Rebel which I LOVE but it was between that and Diva and ever since I really wish I'd just bought them both. Clearly going to cave and end up buying this soon...
Spring is coming and pastel nails are EVERYWHERE. This colour is beautiful!
I confess I have literally just click order on the bag. It's one of those multi compartment bags á la Zara's City Bag. I've eyed that up for so long but I can't justify the price right now. Hopefully this one will suit just as well.
Shirt, collar, burgundy? Triple check with the added bonus of sheer panels. Simple; need.
The trousers are something of a shock for me to like but there's something about them. I know I wouldn't end up wanting to wear them. I'm more comfortable in plain and black! 
See the skort... this is also á la Zara. I actually tried this on a couple weeks back and really liked it then. My birthday is coming up so maybe I need to treat myself. 
These shoes are so cute! Perfect colour for Spring and lovely to wear to work too. My only problem is that Dorothy Perkins shoes just don't fit me. I used to work on the shoes there and the 6's were always massive and the 5's just way too tight. Which is majorly sad because their shoes are great.
Last thing is the Zoeva 104 Buffing Brush. I've heard a lot about Zoeva brushes and I was pleasantly surprised to see how cheap they are!

What are you lusting after at the moment?

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