21 March 2014


I really like knowing what make-up brushes other people use and what products they use them for so here is my round up!

Real Techniques Blush Brush | ELF Powder Brush | Real Techniques Buffing Brush | ELF Stippling Brush | Real Techniques Contour Brush | Sigma E25 Blending Brush | ELF Eyeshadow C Brush

So as you can see, the majority of the brushes I use are Real Techniques and ELF. I do have quite a few more from both these brands as well as some Eco Tools and some other cheapy ones but these are the ones I use pretty much every day.

The Real Techniques are, quite rightly, hugely hyped up in the beauty blogging world. They're affordable, feel nice, wash well and do their job very well. The Buffing and Contour brushes come as part of the Core Collection. (I think it's a bloody shame the Buffing Brush isn't sold separately because I could definitely do with a back up!) I think the Core Collection is around £20 and you get 4 brushes - though i haven't used the other two, I have certainly got my monies worth on these two.
I use the Buffing Brush for foundation. It works it in to the skin so nicely and gives a lovely finish. I hate those paint brush style foundation brushes. 
I did used to use the Contour brush for (attempting) to contour but a bit ago I saw Alix use it for concealer so I decided to try it and I have been using it ever since the end. It's kind of like a mini Buffing Brush when you use it for concealer. It's the perfect size for under eye and blemishes.
The other Real Techniques brush I use is the Blush Brush. I bought this as I thought it would actually be better for contouring, which I have been using for and it's SO SOFT and great for contouring if you are pale like me as it doesn't pick up too much colour so you don't get a line across your face. (Note: if you aren't a noob at contouring like me, then you may not have this problem!)

Having said that I use the Blush Brush to contour, I have only very recently started using a different brush. All the ELF brushes I have are from their Studio range which I think are all about £4-6. I have started using their Powder Brush for contouring as it's the perfect fit for the hollows of my cheeks and as the product I use to contour (NYX Blush in Taupe) is pretty light, this helps pick up the colour a little more and define the face as I want it done. I have been using this brush for actually applying powder before, though I haven't really worn powder for a while so I had neglected this brush a little. I'm glad I've rediscovered it now. 
I'm sure you can guess that I use the Stippling Brush for powder blushes... I completely forgot about washing this one before I took photos. Oopsie. I did used to use this for foundation but one day I decided to use it for blush and it helps to not pack too much colour on and end up looking like a clown. It's incredibly soft and washes out so well, too.
The Eyeshadow C Brush is probably my favourite brush (aside from the Buffing Brush) and I keep meaning to buy a couple more. It's the perfect size and shape for packing colour on to the eyelid. It really makes doing eyeshadow so much easier and I just love it!

Finally, the Sigma E25 Blending Brush is an addition to my collection over the last couple of months and is totally the fault of Emma Pickles. I've watched her videos since her first one and she always raves this brush and I caved and I don't know how I got so far in life without it. It's super soft and blends like a dream. I literally don't have to put any effort in anymore. Which is always welcomed, especially on early morning weekdays.

What are your favourite brushes?


  1. I bought the Real Techniques expert face brush because I wanted the buffing brush but not the whole set. Works really well and I think it's pretty similar if you need a dupe backup of the same quality!

    1. I have the Expert Face too ;D but I don't like it as much as the Buffing. Will have to give it another try now I have new foundation


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