14 March 2014


I've seen this tag on Youtube a lot and I thought it would be interesting to see how much I spent on my "everyday" face. I'm a drugstore girl. I can get everything I need from Boots and Superdrug but I have had a couple of splurges. We all need to treat ourselves though!

I tend to change a lot of these products on a daily basis but I decided to include the ones I do reach for the most often. Sometimes I don't have time to crack out an eyeshadow palette, so single cream shadows get used. And I tend to change which primers, blushes, mascaras, lipsticks and eyeliners I use all the time too. Just depends on whichever is the lucky one I grab that morning!

The primer I tend to use most often at the moment is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (£7.50). I've spoke about it a few times and it's just very soothing for my skin in a morning.
I cannot stop using the L'Oréal True Match Foundation. I don't know how I got so far in life without using this. I use the shade C1 Rose Ivory (£9.99) and everything about it is perfect.
I use two concealers: Rimmel's Wake Me Up (£5.49) in Ivory for under my eyes and Collection's Lasting Perfection (£4.19) for any blemishes and redness. Both absolute staples in my everyday routine.
On to brows and I use Benefits Brow-zings (£23.50). I've been using this for well over a year and it's much nice using powder to fill in the sparse gaps. I'm not really a pencil lover though I have recently discovered the L'Oréal one and I actually really like it but the Brow-zings is just top notch.
I've only recently added the Avon primer to my stash and I don't have a solid opinion yet but so far so good. The price seems to fluctuate between each month as I paid £7 but in the current Avon issue, it is £4! Still, you get a decent amount that's going to last ages.
I am still very much in love with Naked 3 (£36) and I still use it on the majority of days. (Some days I press snooze one too many times and so some make up items have to be abandoned for the day...) My favourite shades are Nooner, Mugshot and Blackheart.
I have so many liquid liners constantly on the go. I am loving the Eyeko Skinny Liner that I got with Birchbox but I do tend to reach for Rimmel's Glam Eyes (£5.29) a lot.
And again, mascara is constantly changing but at the moment I really like the new L'Oréal Miss Manga (£8.99) one.
I attempt to contour with the NYX blush in Taupe (£6) which is a great shade for all of us Casper types as there's not a hint of orange in site. I can't see how this would work as an actual blush though. Seems an odd choice for the cheeks!
I've got really into cream blushes lately and I've been flitting between Bourjois offering and this Revlon one in Charmed (£7.99). It blends so easily and you can have a very subtle wash of colour or build it up a little more.
Finally, lips! This is the hardest decision as this is the item that is different all of the time. I chose MAC's Rebel (£15) as I'm absolutely besotted with it. It's a colour that's going to look good all year around and the texture is just lovely.

So I put all of that on my face on a daily basis. Let's get adding..!

... £136.94!

It does seem a little crazy seeing it like that but I guess that's for 12 different products. And not like I need to justify my spendings! I like buying and wearing make up and I earn the money so I don't see any issue.

If you've done this tag, link me so I can be nosey! :)

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